Giant Duathlon Series 2016/2017 - Race 5

20 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 23.04.2017

“See u next time :) - See u next time :)”

Fernando R. - 22.04.2017

“Amazing race - Excellent as usual! Only to be considered is the toilets in that place, so dirty and bad smell!”

Syed Zain Us Sajidin B. - 18.04.2017

“Endurance and Fun - altogether - One of the best endurance races in UAE where whole family can participate and enjoy every moment.”

Anonymous - 18.04.2017

“Good final race for the season! - Good race and season wrapup! Amazing atmosphere by everyone! One gripe only for the kids to start little earlier in first /last race of the season, i think 8 km under current Dubai's sun is punishing for them (check the photos), adults can hydrate properly and understand what to do, a kid maybe not.But then you will have the adults saying its too early!Oh well..”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 18.04.2017
“And here lies the problem......we ALWAYS start the kids race after the last ADULT biker is back. We don't Adults racing at 40kph when kids are racing. Also many of the Adults also have their kids racing so they want/need to be finished so they can ride/run with their children. Last year we also had a longer adults race which meant kids started even later...this year we dropped it. It is up to the parents/coaches to teach the kids about hydration IMHO. ”

Michael D. - 17.04.2017

“A great event - Loved the event and venue. A great race and highly recommended for all levels of athlete. Cannot wait for season to start again.”

Anonymous - 17.04.2017

“Good event just needs more prior information - Event information could be sent out sooner, if you're new to the event you want to know this so you can get yourself prepared. Finding the venue was a nightmare. I appreciate most had been there before but there were a few of us who hadn't and were driving round in circles. This is an expensive event but seemed disorganised at times, mainly due to the above. That said, atmosphere and those running the event were awesome! ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 17.04.2017
“The RACE INFO PACK for race 5 was available on our website from 1st April. Type District One Cycle and Running Track into Google Maps, and followed the D1 signs on Meydan Rd then you would have found the venue no problem. The cost of the event is inline with the expenses incurred in staging a professional event that is the highest rated series in UAE averaging 9.2 for 25 events.”

Edith C. - 16.04.2017

“Well organized - Very happy participant. Well planned event and professional officials ”

Sioned T. - 16.04.2017

“Great first experience - Loved it”

Andy B. - 16.04.2017

“Great event for all the family - Enjoyed the race and the venue, well organized and delivered. If its possible to create a different access between the track and transition for runners and cyclists that would ease congestion. Thank you to Giant for the terrific prizes, and to the marshals and volunteers for a great job.”

Cassandra L. - 16.04.2017

“Another day event and day.. look fwd to next year - Not any fault of yourselves... witnessed many people drafting. Especially one large group of 12 who were in a peloton. Great event as usual. Love Distict one for location. Volunteers excellent and always smiling. ”

Adam T. - 15.04.2017

“Fantastic event ! - District one is the favoured location for these events with my son and daughter ... and myself for that matter as a spectator ... the kids love it and the prizes were epic yesterday ! I can't praise the organisation and volunteers enough for their efforts at pulling off the series ! Looking forward to the summer solstice for myself now !”

Anonymous - 15.04.2017

“Excellent event - Love this race!!! From the course at Meydan One, to the set up, to the prizing, first class all the way!!! Highly recommended!”

Maria T. - 15.04.2017

“A must do event on the Dubai MultiSport Scene! - Great series! Our first year taking part and will be definitely doing it again! Well organised and family friendly! Thanks Andy and team”

Roel L. - 15.04.2017

“Awesome experienve - It was awesome experience infact it was my 1st time to particapate this event i would like to do it again and again”

Tetiana M. - 14.04.2017

“Simply The Best! - That was definitely one of the best events I've ever taken part in! Great pre-event communication, good contents of race packs... The organization itself is on the highest level! Really an awesome job of all organizers! Well done, guys!”

Anonymous - 14.04.2017

“Great event and show by RaceME - Event give-aways were a let-down this season. Some of the cyclists were drafting on the track and this being a non-drafting race, they should be DQ. Suggest race marshalls round the track to spot athletes drafting & fininshing on the podium when they don't deserve it. Cheaters only cheat themselves. ”

Ebrahim A. - 14.04.2017

“Great event but needs better timing control - It is oils be great if sensors were set on the track to assure that people do the full run and track. I saw people do two laps then go for the final run. Even in the run they would turn back before the return sign. This effect the ranking in each age class which is a bit disappointing for me. I participated to have fun, enjoy and train for other races but I did not like the fact that drifting is not allowed but people not doing the full race is ok. I did enjoy the race. Regards, Ebrahim”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 14.04.2017
“To have sensors everywhere recording laps would require the purchase of additional timing systems at great expense each and not feasible for a race of this size. Doing so would add an extra AED100 to the entry fee to justify this. We pick up on lap anomalies when we study the results in depth. If people want to cheat they will always find a way - these races are not top echelon competition and we expect people to play fair. The Tweens/Teens only had to do 2 laps FYI.”

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