Giant Duathlon Series 2016/2017 - Race 2

21 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Robert B. - 01.12.2016

“Well organised - A great way to spend the morning, very well organised and good for the family to come along to.”

Faisal A. - 25.11.2016

“Excellent Event - Good start point if you want to get into triathlons ”

Anonymous - 21.11.2016

“Best location for the Duathlon Series - Well organised - This is the best location for future Duathlon events. Very Enjoyable. Nice to see the prize giving promptly follow the race.”

Anonymous - 21.11.2016

“Good - but people drafting! - Really well organized but at least 2 groups of 5 participates were all closely drafting - This was seen by the marshalls manning the turning point on the running track and yet no warning or disqualification has been administered. I'm sure you could track these people by using strava (or something similar)!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 21.11.2016
“The marshals on the course were there for your safety and direction purposes. The nature of the Giant Duathlon Series is such that with short distances and closed circuits, drafting is self policing and we expect competitors to play by the rules. Results were posted before the prize giving at 9.30am FYI.”

Juliette J. - 20.11.2016

“Great event - I love the event and the location is really nice for both biking and running. thanks fr the organization.”

Serik D. - 20.11.2016

“Very Good generally - I liked it”

Anonymous - 19.11.2016

“Good event overall and well organized - I never get the option to keep my race number when I ask the people taking them don't have an answer! Run route to track Mis leading and a tad dangerous. ”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 19.11.2016
“There is a spot prize draw after the event at the Prize Giving. Many people retrieve their race number after spot prize draw. If you don't want to be in the draw then feel free to keep your number.”

Matthew W. - 18.11.2016

“Spot on - As good a race as you're likely to get. Great course, organisation, communication and the perfect atmosphere to match. Another A* performance from Andy and all of the Race ME team.”

Andy B. - 18.11.2016

“Another Stellar Perfomance from the team - Prefer this location to Hamdan, where there are a few tricky turns, well organised and thought through, thank you volunteers and marshalls, great job. Managed to take a spill at the dismount line which crept up on me, so 24k isn't quite enough time to see it coming!! ”

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