Garden City Aquathlon

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Kanthimathinathan S. - 24.09.2017

“Good one, need to improve on running track - Wadi adventure event place was nice, swimming segment is good, but i feel running track is little hard surface with stones. Overall Good. Staff were helping and communicating.”

Adil K. - 23.09.2017

“Excellent Wadi Adventure - Beautiful place wadi adventure, everything was well done I loved the parcour of the race people there were very kind. But there was a confusion with the tip so my timing and my place was giving to someone else.”

Sara K. - 23.09.2017

“Perfect location for Aquathlon! - There were a few teething problems, as always with a first event such as registration/timing chip collection and final timings, but generally a great morning's event!”

Yuichi U. - 22.09.2017

“I was disappointed for a result. - It was good to be able to play the lye Athlon with the wadi adventure. But, it is dissatisfaction whether you were able to play a game in my category. There was the accident of the tip before the start, and, after a commendation ceremony, there was an inquiry if order was different. Very disappointed. The sponsor reconfirms and should inform a result.”

Diane G. - 22.09.2017

“Great location / Opportunities for Organisers - The positives: Beautiful location and venue with entry to Wadi Adventure. Fantastic mix of participants with positive vibes. The cons: Race organisers weren't ready for this race. Kit pick-up was confusing in the morning, wrong chips handed out, start times delayed, and wrong awards handed out in the end. Tried to sort my timing and no one seemed interested in fixing. Timing person was no where to be found. Gave first place trophy to the wrong person. Made me fix it myself. Akward!”

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