FBMA Ladies Run 2016

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 05.05.2016

“Great - I hope for next year i'll do it with my son.”

Anonymous - 04.05.2016

“Great event - The delay to start was frustrating as we had to wait for golfers to finish on the golf course. Perhaps golfers who play the day we are running should be told that there is an event and would have to wrap up earlier. Thank you.”

Cecile S. - 02.05.2016

“Nice relaxing run. - Really enjoyed it. Loved the course and was good fun to run with my daughter.”

Dinah Remedios M. - 02.05.2016

“Nice experience - But i wished that my time was recorded :(”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 02.05.2016
“Thank you Dinah for your feedback. We will look into why your did not receive a time. If you wore the chip on your ankle then it should have been picked up on the finish line given we dedicated you starting at 7:21pm http://www.premiertiming.com/res/details/FBMA_Ladies_Night_Run_at_The_Westin_Abu_Dhabi/Dinah_Remedios_Mallari_5006_5K”

Anonymous - 01.05.2016

“Thanks for organizing a fun ladies run! - I was really impressed to see the mother daughter category! The event was well organized and the shirts and tutus were a nice touch. ”

Dana A. - 01.05.2016

“Fun - Well organized event , friendly people and defiantly would like to be part of up coming events , despite the fact that I did not get in the 1st place :p but its fun and great way to keep a healthy lifestyle. best of luck and thank you ”

Anonymous - 30.04.2016

“Nice and fun event. - Course was a bit challenging. Different than other races. Thanks!”

La-Monica S. - 30.04.2016

“Lovely view of the golf course - Very hot and humid. I hope this race can be held in the Fall.”

Nuha L. - 29.04.2016

“Nice ladies event - Very well organized , but would be more enjoyable if it was done earlier in the year when the weather is cooler. And it would be nice to have some of the stores showing their merchandise and nutrition stuff . Looking forward to the next one. ”

Anonymous - 29.04.2016

“Fun! - Hot, but fun event. Great race volunteers :) ”

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