Dubai International Triathlon 2018

7 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 12.11.2018

“Great but remote venue - In the middle of nowhere but great atmosphere, strange that they ran out of water on the bike course. Fairly expensive compared to many other events. Why was the bike course 10km shorter?”

Anonymous - 06.11.2018

“A few too many problems - The location is remote and hence it lacks atmosphere a little. The bike was only 70km not 80km for DIT which is unacceptable and resulted in some people doing extra loops. No water on the bike course is not really ok despite it being communicated before hand. However, worse than that was that they actually ran out of bike bottles by the 3rd loop of the DIT course. Overall I know a lot of work goes into these events but it didn't feel like good value for money.”

Simon C. - 05.11.2018

“OK but not a race I'd do again - The pros: good atmosphere in the village, good turnout, friendly marshals The cons: race pack didn't state where the aid stations were or how many there would be. Aid station ran out of fluids by the third lap of DIT course. Broken glass on the road in several places. Bike course significantly shorter than advertised. Poor road surface. Generally fairly uninspiring and bleak course, with too many u-turns on the bike”

Andi P. - 04.11.2018

“Great Event - Well done guys, always safety first which is paramount for me. Congratulations on a great event.”

Mathilde R. - 04.11.2018

“A great race in gorgeous location - Great race, superbly organised and managed. One small comment, can we get some electrolytes on the water stations in the run?”

Jason H. - 04.11.2018

“I won't be attendig again. - I mirror Noel's comment. Poor organisation, insufficient water stations (that ran out), signage was poor too. The goody bag was not goody at all, pretty rubbish actually. Overall really not value for money.”

Shannon B. - 04.11.2018

“Terrible value for money - Awful location. Poorly managed new swim route. Short bike course by 10KM, glass and trucks on road... The list goes on! It could have been a lot better with a little bit of effort from the organizers, which would be expected for the cost of the event. ”

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