Daman's Activelife Beach Run Dubai

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Anonymous - 28.02.2018

“nice familyactivity - It was my daughter first race and she enjoy it so much.”

Harold B. - 25.02.2018

“Runners and organizers - The race is great,but for 7.2km some of the runner are not completing there 4 laps, after there 3laps they claim there medals already.”

Anonymous - 25.02.2018

“it was ok. - I just didn't get the shirt size i put, i cannot use the shirt since it is tooo big!”

Elodie D. - 25.02.2018

“ - ”

April G. - 25.02.2018

“Location of event is ambiguous - I was dropped off at Sunset Beach (as per the Event handbook details) at 8am for my run (i registered for the 3.6km event) but could not see any event there. I, along with other participants, walked up and down looking for your event and we ended up missing our race! On google maps, Sunset Beach is 8.6km from Burj Al Arab. Google it! Sunset beach is ages away and we had to walk all the way to Burj Al Arab. You need to be clearer on the start details, say its 1km from the Burj. Not Sunset Beach!!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.02.2018
“Hi April, thank you for your feedback and we are sorry you went to the wrong location. From the beginning we have been clear with our directions and the location map has been on the website and our facebook page. The location was also included in the handbook, with key landmarks highlighted. An email also was sent out prior to the event on Feb 22 with the following information "The location of the event is Sunset Beach. This is the first public beach next to the Burj Al Arab".”

Sharon C. - 23.02.2018

“Needs a but more oomph - Organisation was great. The cotton t shirts were too warm. Energy snacks would have been fab to have. The Marshalls were on the phone most of the time. It would have been lovely if the Marshall gave encouragement to the runners like in other races.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.02.2018
“Hi Sharon. Thank you for your feedback and all duly noted. Regarding the Marshalls, we will pas this information onto the schools who volunteered their time for the event. Hope to see you next year. :-)”

Stephen M. - 23.02.2018

“Well Organized and a Great Experience - From collection to the run, everything was will prepared and move. One minor problem : there was a lot of water bottle waste and there are no obvious recycle bonds available. Not very green.”

Paterno C. - 23.02.2018

“nice - Best medal this year. Sad that the race shirt is cotton not like last year its dri-fit.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.02.2018
“Thank you for your comments re the medal. Your comments re the t-shirt is also noted and we will look to bring back the "dry-fits" next year. ”

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