BeSport Individual Time Trial Winter Series-Race 1

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Jonathan H. - 27.11.2016

“Thanks - :)”

Matthew A. - 27.11.2016

“Excellent Event! - An excellent series of time trials from the hard working team at Besport. Can't thank them enough for their efforts to put on a consistently well run event, which has the feel of the traditional time trials I used to do in the UK. Just turn up, pin your number on and ride your bike as fast as you can over the course...simple! Great value for money and very enjoyable - thanks Besport!”

Anonymous - 27.11.2016

“Enjoyable event -testing yourself against clock - Road bikes against TT bikes dont stand a chance in hell of winning anything - no matter how good the engine (legs) Perhaps the organisers could look at this aspect? a different catagory (again I know) might help generate more interest. Prizes ? What prizes? not even an event medal as at all other premiersport events?? Pretty poor actually.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 27.11.2016
“thank you for the feedback, the idea of this race is give a chance of people to test their limits, regardless if you are on road bike to MTB or TT, its you against the clock. and to keep the cost down on the riders we will keep it simple with same prizes, unless we can get a someone to sponsor them, so Value for money is fair, and you get 25% voucher you can use to buy new TT bike and save 2500 AED + on your invoice :) Raslan ”

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