Bahrain MTB Bikefest

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 26.03.2017

“Enjoyed it - Enjoyed it! Love the medals. Maybe focus on other details then add trophies and stuff later. Marshalls not around during second round for 30km, noone at finish line to see you finished, could add water stop somewhere else during route, nothing to drink at end no water, etc. ”

Manuel Jr C. - 24.03.2017

“Had Fun - It is my 1st time to join a race abroad and I am satisfied with the outcome.Looking forward to join future designs of finisher medal as well as t-shirt.Kudos to the Organizers and Sponsors.”

Hasan M. - 24.03.2017

“Niceexpierence - Good event however we felt it was little bit . ”

Jimmy S. - 24.03.2017

“About time. Great event. Fun for the whole family. - It is great to finally have such events in Bahrain. Well done Trilife for making it happen and all the effort to make a course in the desert. Hope to have another event soon. It was a great day out for the whole family. Great organisation by Premier.”

Anonymous - 24.03.2017

“Great race but not good directions! - I got lost a couple of times and ended up off route so directions were not very good:/ other than that it was an amazing race and I love the medal!”

Colin G. - 24.03.2017

“Fantastic race. Let's have another please! - Super organized, great course, fantastic atmosphere.”

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