Bahrain MTB Bikefest 2018

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Eric C. - 01.04.2018

“Great organization - Great event however improvements in term of route signage can improve a lot, when 15 or 30 Km race is announced the race should also be 15 or 30 km and not 30% less. Age groups would be good to see in the future. Kids race should be a bit longer with some prices/recognition. Proper timing system is needed Posting of end results is outstanding, who won, where did my friends, colleagues finish..? ”

Anonymous - 01.04.2018

“I had great fun doing this well organized race - Please do more events like this in Bahrain”

Anonymous - 30.03.2018

“Amazing experience!!! - Try conducting the event in October/ November when weather is more pleasant and sun is not harsh...”

Nishant B. - 30.03.2018

“Instagram - Great event”

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