Al Wathba Cycle Series Race 4

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 10.12.2015

“Thanks - Thanks again for all the hard work. It would be nice to see more pictures of all the riders, rather than of the same select few. ”

Adrian M. - 09.12.2015

“Great event. - Great event spoiled by allowing the Yas Cycles support truck onto the track to support the Yas Cycles team only. The truck bullied its way past my group and assisted a few of the Yas team.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 09.12.2015
“Hi Adrian, thanks for the advice. The GMS truck is supposed to follow the scratch group and naturally riders will attempt to jump in behind to try and be brought back into the group if it is there. We will review the actions and ensure that it complies with the the principles of the event. no-one should feel bullied for sure. Thanks ”

Rupert N. - 09.12.2015

“Great race type. A change to the norm available in - Maybe turn the heater up though”

Pasi A. - 08.12.2015

“A great experiment - First time in a race like this. the way of racing was interesting and exciting. A very good workout with high intensity.”

Anonymous - 08.12.2015

“Very enjoyable - Hi Guys really enjoyed event last night, it was my first time competing in a cycle race. Just have one concern on the third lap two cars entered the track, one a pick up and another a 4x4 , we had to get out of the way for both cars and some cyclists decided to draft behind the 4x4 . last thing to be expected on a cycle track and in a race.”

David M. - 08.12.2015

“Wind was a challenge. - I started in too fast a group, was dropped by the 8km mark and it was a slog from there. Still enjoyed it and it was a great workout.”

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