Abu Dhabi Striders Marathon & 10K

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Anonymous - 19.02.2015

“My first 10k run.Great event!! - Abu Dhabi Striders ROCK!!!”

Anonymous - 13.02.2015

“Positives + negatives - Great to see a marathon in Abu Dhabi, hopefully this can become an annual event. The race bag had a t shirt and gel which was nice. Refreshments available during and after race were also good. However, it was too late in the day and therefore was very very hot. There were no distance markers along the route which was unhelpful. Also, no clock at starting line, no timing chip and no timing certificates issued. Route was also quite tedious - Yas is much better for longer distances. ”

Peter D. - 12.02.2015

“Great to have a marathon back in Abu Dhabi - While this marathon was a one-off to support the Triple 7 quest hopefully it will act as a springboard for getting at least one (if not more) marathons a year back on the Abu Dhabi race calendar. If so then a move to an early start on a weekend day will be great. Well organised and so if that can be repeated again then will make sure to enter”

Kamil R. - 12.02.2015

“It was good run but - A bit too late and therefore too hot, and during the week, and water on water stations should be in bottles only :) Anyway good run and I am happy :)”

Slobodan M. - 11.02.2015

“Excellent event for first time Marathon runners. - Fantastic atmosphere on the track, Lots of cheering and support from other participants. Very specific to this event. really appreciate it. On the other side, please to avoid races around noon time, as it was really hot (30 deg +) Al in all excellent event, with potential to grow. Keep up the good work. and big thanks for organizers and runners! Slobodan”

Murali P. - 11.02.2015

“Well done - Value for Money - Good support & Friendly atmosphere from Abu Dhabi Road Runners”

Anonymous - 11.02.2015

“Poor signaling of the track, no timing available - Poor signaling of the track No timing available (visible) to verify the time spent No results or photographs available the day after, as advertised Distances are not properly measured It was announced an extra 1.1km and 2.2km for the half and the marathon, respectively, that didnt happen in reality. A little of confusion due to that. Positive: plenty of foods, drinks, gels... Huge queue for collecting race pack Good price”

Katie H. - 10.02.2015

“Great Small Event - It was a really great event, to support the Triple 7 Quest, I believe. All in all it was a positive, enjoyable run. The people working and participating in the run were all awesome! ”

Richard J. - 10.02.2015

“Another resounding success for Abu Dhabi Striders - What a an absolute privilege! Huge thanks to the organisers for allowing us to join in this very special event. Considering this was on a working day, pulling this off was another huge achievement for Abu Dhabi Striders. Sincere thanks from your fellow Striders in Sharjah to all the volunteers who made this happen and to everyone who gave up a day's leave to help out. Thanks also to the Canadian International School for their support which was so encouraging. Such a special day!”

Sonal A. - 10.02.2015

“Poor signage on the route I had to run 1/2 KM Extr - Please put more signs on how to get to the vent and on the route!”

Hugues D. - 10.02.2015

“Nice run - I think, this run miss just few details to be an amazing race. But it's a nice run. If i can, i will come back next year!!!!”

Anonymous - 10.02.2015

“It is great job by orginizers - For next events I suggest date and time to be in weekend(Friday,saturday)to encourage families attendance”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 11.02.2015
“The nature of the Triple7Quest and Sunday start in Melbourne saw Abu Dhabi host the Asia leg on a Monday. Our normal race routine is to hold events on a weekend, however this was a special event and we hope you enjoyed being a part of multiple world record attempts. ”

Anonymous - 10.02.2015

“Good event at Midweek - Good event at Midweek”

Anonymous - 09.02.2015

“Disappointed - Events before the race are fantastics. But I'm disappointed by the organisation during the race : buses, cars, people on the route, not enough volunteers to care about us. During and after the course, I think the goody bag isn't enough after a marathon :dates, dried fruits would be appreciated. ”

Debby P. - 09.02.2015

“Great, very enjoyable event - Enjoyed the event very much and honoured to be running alongside the 777 challengers. Just one or two minor grumbles. There was quite a lot of vehicle access allowed on the course. I ran the 10k and wasn't sure if we were supposed to do the last car park loop or turn right to the finish just before, which would have made it a more accurate 10k. Obviously chip timing would have been great. Thanks very much for the event and good luck to the 777 challengers. Great medal by the way.”

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