Abu Dhabi Junior Aquathlon Race 2

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 09.02.2016

“Very inspirational - Overall this is excellent and has inspired my daughter to train and think about fitness. thumbs up for a great job. a few points. I didn't get the sms before hand with our number so I was slightly worried before hand that I wouldn't be entered. More advise could be given advising kids to warm up and test the water before hand. Also warm/stretch down advice would be helpful. you are in a position to educate with these events and it would be nice to see this mentioned. thank you ”

Alexander W. - 09.02.2016

“Once again, a crowd pleaser! - Excellent organisation as always. Love the heating station (on ya Daniel) and reassuring to see lifeguards in action! Many thanks as always.”

Bilal M. - 06.02.2016

“I loved it. - I loved it.”

Roaa M. - 06.02.2016

“I liked it. - I liked it.”

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