ADSC Indoor Run Ferrari World - August

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 28.08.2018

“Missed it. - Delayed getting back from Summer holiday (visa issues) but really appreciate the chance to run inside in the heat. Have run it twice before, see you in September! Always good.”

Charles M. - 22.08.2018

“Great sporting and fitness event for all family! - Great fitness event at an amazing venue! Thank you to all organisers :)”

Edabelle V. - 19.08.2018

“Fun! - It was fun! The entire family enjoyed race day but I hope we can still download our photos. Inphota seems does not work since yesterday. Looking forward to more activities such as this in the future.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 20.08.2018
“Hi Edabelle, Thanks for your note ... we can see you were captured in 12 images for your bib number. You need to register on the platform and answer some questions to download your images.”

Anonymous - 19.08.2018

“Nice event - Well organized and the chance to run in Ferrari World!”

Maria Evangleine V. - 19.08.2018

“It was a family fun run! - It was a fun filled run for the whole family that even children could get to participate!”

Keith C. - 19.08.2018

“Well organized - Overall perfect environment for such an event. Good job to all those behind the scenes, your participation may, at times, feel thankless but you’re not forgotten.”

Anonymous - 17.08.2018

“Good. Can be better - There should be different sorts of terrain too to make the run more exciting. For example, running all the way down to ground and then up again, continuously. Rest else was amazing.”

Comment from Premier Online - 17.08.2018
“Thanks for your feedback..... having runners on moving or stopped escelators to achieve your suggestion is a major risk and safety hazard. To be given the opportunity to run indoors in a casual environment but as competitive as you like has to be amazing! no where else in the world and for only Dhs55 is amazing cheers”

Anonymous - 17.08.2018

“perfect - Excellent”

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