7th Al Salam Championship - Desert Race 2

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Anonymous - 13.02.2023

“Starting MTB race at 1330H? its not like road bike race and MTB race usually starts early in the morning.”

Anonymous - 12.02.2023

“support vihicle shop know the protocol on how to rescue or to help participants of they cannot make it on the race and bring them back to the venue(starting point)??????thanks”

Emerson M. - 12.02.2023

“I would like to congratulate the organization, a high level event. could you review the cut-off time, as 30 minutes was too little for amateur athletes. congratulations Badoo s MTBike Team”

Anonymous - 12.02.2023

“Thank you for organising all the best ”

Anonymous - 12.02.2023

“The race and organization is simply amazing but more than a group got lost because the track wasn’t properly indicated. As well as it would be ideal to arrange a rope to impose the passage in the critical points. It was to easy to cut some sandy areas or rocks. A .gpx file sharing prior the start would be ideal.”

Blueston B. - 12.02.2023

“Thank you very much.. love it”

Tim C. - 12.02.2023

“A bit too much soft sand!.. great race though and thanks for putting it on, superb organisation. ”

Anonymous - 12.02.2023

“Thank you very much see you next season”

Imad A. - 12.02.2023

“A very high level race”

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