7th Al Salam Championship - Desert Race 1

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Hamad A. - 25.01.2023

“The race should start much earlier at least 1pm because it was long distance 70km very hard”

Ahmed A. - 20.01.2023

“يرجاء زياده عدد الجوائز في المرات القاده من 3 الي 10 لكي يكون عدد المتسابقين اكثر وتزداد رؤح المنافسه ”

Mohamed A. - 20.01.2023

“Too long race and difficult terrain not easy for amateur since no many races in mountain bike with such distance. That's way the show up participants are not many like before. Also to consider the time of the race with distance. Thank you ”

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