5th Annual Giant Duathlon Series 2017/18 - Race 4

17 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Marcus W. - 20.03.2018

“Good event - Hi guys, I have participated in 3 Giant Duathlons and really enjoyed them. The new location was great - but I have no problem with Hamdan either. Thanks for a great event.”

Magdalena M. - 18.03.2018

“Well organized - Nice event all was very well organized - thumbs up :D”

Eric S. - 18.03.2018

“A great venue - Great location, good course! Getting there could have been easier! Well worth it”

Jack S. - 17.03.2018

“Fantastic Duathlon Series at their new venue - This race was again presented with the same solid standard set by raceme. As a family we've enjoyed these races for a couple of years now and the kids love it. The new venue is well worth the trip, particularly for the kids, very safe venue well suited to getting young one's out for a go (mine are 4 and 6), and not too far to go despite being out of Dubai. Price is ok for the kids, although a bit expensive for adults this season. Missed a couple this season but we'll be back for the next one!”

Skyler R. - 17.03.2018

“Love this event! Kids love it! I love it! - I particularly love the new location in Ajman. It’s super safe for the kids and a very enjoyable route. Look forward to many more future events in this location. ”

Akemi H. - 17.03.2018

“Great event! - Wonderful event in a safe new venue! Great atmosphere as usual at the giant duathlons. Thank you! ”

Michael S. - 11.03.2018

“Brilliant - Great venue, great organization, great people taking part.If you need inspiration, come and watch the teeny kids as young as 4 years old, they will put you all to shame with their sheer enjoyment and enthusiasm to a sport that sometimes we all need reminding is for fun and the participation ”

Andrew W. - 11.03.2018

“Enjoyable for a first step into tri type sports - Would like for there to be a detailed breakdown of times for each section.”

Anonymous - 09.03.2018

“Great race and good location - Love this race, great views, great course and awesome Organising again from the team. Great opportunity to practice transitions and develop your speed over short distances.”

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