5th Annual Giant Duathlon Series 2017/18 - Race 3

15 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 01.03.2018

“excellent event for kids - Thanks to organisers for excellent, safe, fun event”

Anonymous - 25.02.2018

“Thank you - Slightly expensive but overall a good event. Thank you ”

Natalie L. - 25.02.2018

“Great event for the whole family - My children and I had such a great time at our first Duathlon! Such a well organised event and my kids can't wait for the next one! Really worth the short drive from Dubai. Safe roads, excellent run course - well done to the organisers for securing such a great venue. ”

Doug F. - 24.02.2018

“Giant Duathlon - Always a superb event - The Giant Duathlons are among the best organisedd sports events in Dubai. This one was excellent once again and in a superb location.”

Conrad V. - 24.02.2018

“Great Venue - The venue is perfect. Safe event with a great atmosphere. ”

Anonymous - 24.02.2018

“Very well organized event - Very good marshalling and route signage The new venue was great”

Timothy B. - 23.02.2018

“Great venue, great event team - Well done organisers, really good race, however I have a niggle. In the brief it was stated that this is a non drafting race. I guess some people out there don't know what this is, so could you explain in more detail what that actually means for the benefit of Sonal Ahuja who sat on my rear wheel for 25 out of the 27 km of the bike leg? Cheers, happy racing :-)”

Anonymous - 23.02.2018

“Great event - Fantastic event in a new venue, the venue was safe, fun and great views! Massive thanks to the organisers and volunteers. Even better there are shower facilities, toilets and food/drinks trucks for spectators.”

Aaron S. - 23.02.2018

“Great venue, closed roads for the cycle route - Perfect location just outside of Dubai. Closed roads for the cycle route and no other cyclists on there other than those racing which makes it better than when held on AQ as other non competing cyclists are on the track at the same time ”

Ahmad A. - 23.02.2018

“Best duathlon race - The new place veary nice and the corses was osm”

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