Five Star Aquathlon - Race 3

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10.0 Fantastic!!! · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes
10.0 Great event! · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes
4.8 Very disapointed for kids and junior Céline Donnadille Dupuis · Participation 3 times I would take part again Maybe

“It’s a pitty for junior that they just have trophy for photo and and have to give them back after. It’s a shame for kids in « beach and blast » : they pay more for registration than Tiny, run with a chips, but they don’t have any timing or reward... In ordre to give the love of sport to the children, it would be better to reward the young instead of the adults. I made lots of ad for courses with  « premieronline» until now around me, but I’ll stop because it’s more and more commercial.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 25.03.2018
“Hi Celine, Thank you for the feedback. I don't understand your comments. We moved the event to a new location. The kids from our part are a major focus. NO ONE had to give a trophy back ( there was a typo) which we are printing and handing out to the two juniors impacted for a category that was created for those talent kids last Thursday afternoon ( allowing them to race a longer distance) ..... definitely not commercial ... feel free to step behind the scenes and join us ”

Comment from Premier Online - 26.03.2018
“Although we remind you that the event organizers are NOT us (Premier Online); we're only the registration platform, we're sorry to hear you felt you had a negative experience. Rating the event is a good way to share your experience. You will find the organizer's (Gulf Multi Sport) contact details on the event registration page, should you wish to contact them directly.”

9.8 Great venue, great event Heather Gorman · Participation 5 times I would take part again Yes

“Gulf Multi Sport’s usual high standards. Can’t think of anything to complain about. The new venue was lovely ”

6.3 good event · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

“Thank for organization.”

7.3 I wish i can download my photos of the event. Victor Rubino · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

Comment from the Event Organizer - 23.03.2018
“Hi Victor we will have photos available to view by sunday ”

9.0 Great event and fun to join for all ages · Participation 1 time I would take part again Yes

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