5 Star Aquathlon - Race 2

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Sohaib J. - 10.02.2018

“Please improve the below - Great event, great job on improving your volunteers (they aren't just on their cell phones), Please improve the medal, the medal lasts forever, please mark which of the races this was, there is another one in March 2018!! Thanks for the towels I HIGHLY SUGGEST to make it clear to throw water bottles on the right side instead of left side as some of them slip into the sea water and therefore #pollution Lastly, I don't understand why there is 400 photos and 200 of them are of the same people!!!!”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 10.02.2018
“Thanks Sohaib for your constructive feedback. Many people that have both volunteered and or organised events say the easiest part is competing. We can never be perfect, we clean up the venue straight after, the medal has a different color ribbon ( too many people unfortunately leave registration to the last minute so it makes for a difficult task to customise to the level we'd like) Photo's we put up our first batch within an hour of the event finishing will post the pro photos on sunday). ”

Yuko S. - 10.02.2018

“was fun, and should include 1.6km Swim and 10k run - Thank you ”

Anonymous - 09.02.2018

“Great Organization - Awesome medal ”

Antony L. - 09.02.2018

“Great, fun event...stunning venue - Lovely event in a stunning venue!! Marshals great, but a big shout out to the guy in transition - I wish I had half his energy - top man!!”

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