30th Adventure HQ Wadi Bih Run - Hatta Edition

16 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 31.01.2023

“Beautiful nature, cozy family atmosphere.”

Sean G. - 31.01.2023

“The 20km distance turned out to be only 17.4km. It was very disappointing ”

Anonymous - 31.01.2023

“Great race, beautiful setup. i only wish the signage was better, or if there were more direction signposts around. I thought I was lost at a few instances and some of my teammates were actually lost for a little while. ”

Sebastian O. - 31.01.2023

“very nice race , amazing but unidentified markup along the course. Sebastian ”

Anonymous - 31.01.2023

“very good course, but unidentified markup along the course. motivations price. insuffisant supply.”

Adrien M. - 31.01.2023

“20kms distance was only 17.5kms in reality.”

Elie Y. - 31.01.2023

“Not enough hydration or snacks on stations for solo 35”

James John R. - 31.01.2023

“Amazing race, loved it so much. only issue we had was the signage from checkpoint 6 to 7 was lacking compared to all the others. Apart from that little gripe. Was amazing”

Philippe P. - 31.01.2023

“Fantastic ! Highly recommended for all fans of trail runs. ”

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