2XU Triathlon Championships: Mamzar - Race 3/3

9 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Emma D. - 21.03.2018

“Awesome event - Warren is a fantastic race organiser, and the location is beautiful. The fees remain affordable. My only complaint - please could you try to use cups of water rather than full bottles at the water stations, as much of it goes to waste. Thank you :)”

Marten A. - 19.03.2018

“Great organization - Good venue - really liked the location.”

Anonymous - 18.03.2018

“Awesome Event - Love, love love this event and company, they are brilliant with all their events. Fantastic venue for first timers and those who compete on a regular bases. Love the idea of age categories and overall winners, gives everyone an opportunity to succeed. Support staff are always great and cheer you on no matter where you are on the course. Thank you and can't wait for the next one!”

Anonymous - 16.03.2018

“Fantastic event all round - Great event, well organised except however I think having the Sprint mens go AFTER the women sprint/olympic and relay start was a big mistake. It was very difficult with men who are naturally faster swimming on top of you. They should have gone first or the gap between each wave should have been much longer. This was felt by many women i spoke to and for those starting out it can be totally off putting. Otherwise a great day out and a good experience. Looking forward to next years!”

Anonymous - 16.03.2018

“great event, good organization - I wish there were lesser bumps, transitions were great”

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