2XU Triathlon Championships Series: Race 2

19 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 19.01.2017

“A great event and venue. - Marshalling and signage could improve.”

Smita C. - 11.01.2017

“Well organised - Needs better crowd management. there were spectators inside the transition area during the race!”

Hasan I. - 09.01.2017

“Highly Recommended, great event - A staple on the triathlon calendar in Dubai and one of the several great events that SuperSports organizes. Special thanks for the thoughtfulness in putting up a tribute to Amor before the race. Thank you for another nicely organized event Warren and team”

Anonymous - 09.01.2017

“Great event and good crowd - Great location and well organised”

Andy B. - 08.01.2017

“All round good job - Thanks to all the volunteers and marshals well done. ”

Anonymous - 08.01.2017

“Good race - 1.More toilets to be provided. Just 2 for men are not sufficient.. 2.Should be allowed to keep the Bib number. it is more like souvenir of the race. I have collection of bibs from all the races I participated but not from 2XU 1&2. It is important for me. If required you can charge little extra for this.”

Ian D. - 08.01.2017

“Excellent - I'm delighted with the t shirt. An excellent bonus as was the one last time. More toilets near the start would be appreciated ”

Paul T. - 08.01.2017

“Well organised especially with road closures - Overall, a great experience. Some minor points: As it was my first time at this event, some signage/flags in the proximity to signpost the venue and parking would have been helpful. Something other than just water at the support stations was also needed. Finishers medal looked very cheap, but I guess for AED 300/- you cannot expect Ironman/ITU quality. Happy with the T-shirt though. The support staff did an excellent job and I would definitely participate again. ”

Zakaria M. - 08.01.2017

“Great event - Great location with easy access and parking. Great support from the organizers and sponsors present on the location. Great course for first timers. My suggestions are: rules for running and biking have to be reinforced and reprimands should be applied for any violation. Would also suggest asking participants to cut their nails before the event to avoid scratching people while swimming.”

Anna M. - 07.01.2017

“Very good event and well organized - This was our first triathlon so we don't have anything to compare it to, but we both found the event to be well organized (including the pre-race emails and info pack) and the marshalls made it easy for us first timers to find our way around the course (including the transitions) on the day. We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and would do this event again.”

Cassandra L. - 06.01.2017

“Really good event. Some marshalling poor. - Before race/after race goings on were great. Medals ceremony great. Sponsors great. Water stations great. My only concern was at the last round about before the last road to the u turn to come back the marshalling was extreamly poor. Several people were signalled to make a U turn too early and they went back towards the finish line, the signalling just wasn't direct enough. Myself and one other had to stop to find out which way to go. ”

Jon B. - 06.01.2017

“No signage to get there and terrible medal - Sorry that I have to moan - not normally my approach, but there are quite a few issues with this event. There is no signage at all on the way into the location and you can't see it from a distance. Total nightmare, easily fixed with sign boards. Also, the medal is just awful. It is the same for all three distances and the same for all legs. They just stick a crappy plastic sticker on the back with the date. Frustrating also to see medals given away to supporters who didn't enter the race. ”

Jonathan H. - 06.01.2017

“Thank you - Great day out! Were the buoys blown flat by the wind?”

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