2XU 5 Star Aquathlon - December

18 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Brett H. - 14.12.2015

“Awesome, thanks for arranging. - Fantastic location, great event, will be back!”

Anonymous - 14.12.2015

“Another great venue for a 5 star event - A race you want to keep coming back to because of its excellent organisation and great locations. Looking forward to the March event already!”

Mushtaq I. - 14.12.2015

“Excellent! - Excellent event - well organized and staffed!”

Bernardo F. - 14.12.2015

“Nice event - Even though it was nice location, I prefer emirate palace, much more nicer an the course race is better”

Theo M. - 14.12.2015

“Good event... - ... as usual!”

Anonymous - 14.12.2015

“Another great race - Another well organised and run race with something for all age groups and fitness levels. Great giveaways. Fantastic location!”

Emmanuel P. - 14.12.2015

“Very well organized race - Race spot was just perfect in st Regis hotel on shady at beach. Beautiful set up, race on time, good time keeping. Regret: no chrono available for time spent in transition. It makes it difficult to know your real time for run split . Else, a beauty aquathlon.”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 14.12.2015
“Thanks Emmanuel, Glad you enjoyed The St Regis and the set up. We did think about putting the matt at the exit of transition for the run element. Just need a sponsor for the extra timing mats ”

Natheer K. - 13.12.2015

“Nice event I will go again - Nice event, it was a wonderful day for the whole family. I would love to do it again. I think we ran and swim longer than the 750m 5k, at least this what my watch gps says. My watch gps recorded 840m for the swimming (shore to shore) and 5.41km for the running (excluding the transition distance).”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 13.12.2015
“Thanks Natheer, we appreciate the feedback. It is quite possible that you swan more than 750m and ran longer as course measurement is point to point and very few of us can actually hold the measurers line. The main thing is that we all competed on level playing field (except for the odd wave) and had fun at a brilliant venue that catered to all. Hope to see you at our next event”

Lorenzo C. - 13.12.2015

“My first multi sport competition: great experience - Great location, very well organized. Overall a great experience!”

Anonymous - 12.12.2015

“Overall decent value for money - I find the sport events overall expensive in the UAE but this one is decent value for money. I received a medal, water bottle, t-shirt and light snacks after the race. I would recommend as it provides an opportunity to be timed and compete. ”

Peter M. - 12.12.2015

“Nice event, nice venue and well organised - Swim was a great challenge and the run course superb. A great vote of thanks to all the volunteers out and about on the course. Really nicely done.”

Eli-Charles L. - 11.12.2015

“Great day!!!! - The team organising the event are great with the kids and we will try to do all their race!!!”

Fabien V. - 11.12.2015

“1st aquathlon - This is my first Aquathlon is it's very nice. Good organization, nice course, exceptional places Thank you to the organizers and volunteers”

Anonymous - 11.12.2015

“Excellent and professional organized - Thanks to all volunteers and the event management and Marshall, well done, wondering !!! My results in the race age group is the 1st ! Dose it mean that I should have a trophy ?? Super sprint!! 601”

Comment from the Event Organizer - 11.12.2015
“Hi Hashem, Congratulations. Yes you have a trophy for your category. We have them in the office at Zayed Sports City. Drop us an email and we can arrange pick up.”

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