2023 Q2 Run

37 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Khalifa A. - 28.06.2023

“Nice medals, very organized. Good choice of F&B”

Dmitry S. - 27.06.2023

“more light is needed on the track”

Dario S. - 26.06.2023

“Really enjoyed this event. Great sponsors with lots of freebies all around which is rare at events so was a treat for us. This event also had the best branding all around. We'll be back for Q3 and Q4.”

Zac S. - 26.06.2023

“These guys always put such a beautiful event together with gorgeous medals, trophies, T-shirts and accessories for all runners. Their branding is really well put together. Enjoyed the free F&B, especially the biryanis and ice creams.”

Anonymous - 25.06.2023

“The event is verry good and the race easy not difficult”

Prudence M. - 25.06.2023

“Compared to last year, this was a ?, not as expectations. Organization was below average! 1) no trophies for overall winners 1,2 3…, not even a gift pack or a gift voucher, NOTHING! ..only a medal! ???. With such a powerful team of sponsors ,you would have done much better than even last year!! 2) drinking water ran out ! Practically water got finished, only juice and laban milk to quench thirst! Water-thirst cannot be replaced by juice or laban milk, only water can quench water-thirst! ”

Anonymous - 25.06.2023

“Kindly , friendly , warmly ”

Bernard M. - 25.06.2023

“Oberall positions need recognition you cant be top 3 and you just gettung a medal as age categories very unfair worst event ever”

Anonymous - 25.06.2023

“Very organized and the kids loved the food and drinks after the race ”

Qasim A. - 25.06.2023

“Very nice work. Thank you very much ”

Anaya R. - 25.06.2023

“Event was well organised humidity made it worse ”

Anonymous - 25.06.2023

“Volunteering team is did great friendly and professional great work ??”

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