1rst Al Ain Run Racing

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3.6 Disorganized Stacey Kalkowski · Participation 1 time I would take part again No
Edited on 25.04.2019

“The event was disorganized and started late. I never received my timing or finish results. Parking was very far from the event. Plastic tape used to mark the route were loose and flying all around causing tripping hazard. Plenty of water stations, but the 'juice' at the end was not real juice, just sugar water. It did get me out for a run though.”

3.4 horrible event, never again Ahmed Tehemar · Participation 1 time I would take part again No

“No organization whatsoever, No water available, registration was from 5:30 to 6:30 and the start was delayed till 8am, there was no water available till 7:45 which is when i started shouting at everyone. there was absolutely no communication on the course itself, as in we started not knowing where to run. the water on the course was sitting under the sun heating up. I left right after the run and didn't want to stay for a medal or anything. NEVER EVER AGAIN this horrible event.”

5.7 Delayed start, no water available before the race · Participation 1 time I would take part again No
Edited on 24.04.2019

“The event started late and there was no water available before the start of the race. ”

3.6 Unorganized event · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe
Edited on 22.04.2019

“10km should run first. Race bib should be different from each distances. Water support should be cold as the weather is getting hot and the hot water will not help the runners. Medals should be good enough, medals received looks like they didn't prepare for the event. Parking area is too far from the event itself. It's like 1km away.”

4.5 Good potential but poor organisation this time · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe
Edited on 21.04.2019

“This could be a great event but big improvements are needed. 1) the race schedule is backwards as the 10K should start first. 2) the bathrooms were very dirty and unhygienic and didn't have paper and water. 3) race pack collection closed very early at 6.30am. 4) races were delayed meaning it was very hot for the 10K runners at 8am. 5) the prize giving was an absolute shambles - no podium, too many "officials" on stage, very disorganized and no one seemed to know what was going on. A shame! ”

4.5 Disappointed · Participation 1 time I would take part again No

“Race pack collection is very early and ends at 6:30am while start time is delayed to 8am which is very hot. The toilets are very dirty, no water. There should have separate toilets for men and women. ”

4.5 0verall, it's disappointing! · Participation 1 time I would take part again No

“1. Race kit collection closes at 6.30 yet 10km run will start at 7.40. No warm ups to keep runners active and busy 2. 10km start was delayed and was the last group to ran. Very disappointing! 3. Toilet was disastrous! It sucks! 4. Race map was different in the actual race course. Too boring to complete 3 laps 5. Medal for 10km runners is the same for all category! No motivation! 6. Tshirt & medal were not worth the money! 7. First aid was not visible. One runner is about to collapse! ”

5.5 Oh dear... · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“This could have been such a good event but the "organisers" seem to have ignored what works well at other races and gone their own sweet way, resulting in a really disappointing experience. The races took place in a stupid order, toilets were unsanitary & the awards at the end were total chaos. Facilities for spectators were practically non-existent . Yellow bus on last very tough lap for 10k runners was creepy and very annoying, driving close behind runners with unclear intent. ”

4.3 disappointed · Participation 1 time I would take part again No

“The 3 loops for 10K is horrible, and the starting time 8 am also a fail. no water in support stations. :( ”

4.5 Improvement needed · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“Very good idea & route and very bad organization even given that this was the 1st Al Ain Run. Start at 8 a.m. was horrible for 10k runners who arrived at 6 a.m. (no water available). Other comments - long distance from parking to start point, no paper in toilets, some water stations were empty, no bins after water stations (runners threw away empty plastic bottles to the ground). Next time organizers should look into how similar events are successfully organized in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ajman. ”

6.1 Better organsation needed to improve a nice route · Participation 1 time I would take part again Maybe

“Very poor communication before hand. Events were done in the wrong order - 10km start time of 8am was too hot. Some water stations ran empty. Not clear presentation of awards. Yellow mini bus disturbing runners blowing sand from the road. Nice tshirt and medal - would be nice if medal was different for 3 and 10km. ”

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