Nosso Jeito

About Nosso Jeito

Salut! We are 2 active Frenchies – we love fitness and the outdoors, hitting training & surfing together, making memories, and having epic adventures! Over the last years we have enjoyed sharing our lifestyle with our teammates and friends. We separately dreamed about setting up an adventure retreat, but never had the courage and opportunity to do so. Life got away from us; we pursued studies, traveled for work and settled into the highs and lows of daily life – but, the spark for an adventure was always flickering in the background. When we both met on the mats, we quickly realized that we were sharing the same values and lifestyle and the idea of organizing a retreat together was crystal clear. We both participated in different retreats but never had anything combining our lifestyle between martial arts, surfing, adventure & healthy living. From here “Nosso Jeito” (our way in Portuguese) was born. It was clear! We didn’t want to have any regrets wondering what might have been, so


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