World Triathlon Championship Finals-Community Race

World Triathlon Championship Finals-Community Race

  1. Nov, 25 Fri
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  3. Nov, 26 Sat
  4. Abu Dhabi UAE

Start Time: from 04:00 pm*

World Triathlon Championship Finals-Community Race

Abu Dhabi UAE Start Time: from 04:00 pm*
90 days left
Registration closes 17.11.2022 at 11:59 PM or sooner if places sell out.
Cancellations accepted up to 25.10.2022 at 11:59 PM or sooner if the event sells out.
Category Changes accepted up to 18.10.2022 11:59 PM or sooner if the event sells out.

The World Triathlon Championship Finals is coming to Abu Dhabi's Yas Island from 23 - 26 November 2022, organized by Abu Dhabi Sports Council.
The Championship Finals is the crown jewel of World Triathlon’s annual calendar. The multi-day triathlon festival is expected to welcome more than 5,000 international triathletes as well as 2,500 local triathletes to the UAE's capital city, and will see World Champions crowned across both Elite and Age Group race categories.
For athletes wishing to race in the Age Group World Championship races (Standard Distance, or Super Sprint TT), please contact your National Federation for information on your country's qualification criteria. For those hoping to represent Team UAE in the Age Group World Championship races, please stay tuned - the UAE Triathlon Federation will announce the qualification criteria soon, which will be open to both UAE Nationals and UAE Residents.
Alongside the World Championship races, the event will also host a COMMUNITY OPEN Super Sprint race for triathletes of all ages and abilities - providing a unique opportunity to compete on the same weekend, and the same venue as the world´s best. You can enter the community open race here.

Included: Live Results, Medal, Photo Service or Download, Refreshments, Timing, Official event triathlon gift, swim cap, athlete’s guide, athlete identification pack, training program and preparation tips, nutritional guide.
Refund Policy: Premier Online guarantees your right to cancel and receive a refund (subject to applicable fees) for paid events within specified time limits.

* Some events have multiple start times and many events request attendees to arrive by a certain time; please check the Information and FAQs sections above for details or contact the organizer for clarification.

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Kids Triathlon - (150m|4.5km|1.25km) Fri 25 Nov
9 - 11 Years, Male
Kids Triathlon - (150m|4.5km|1.25km) Fri 25 Nov
9 - 11 Years, Female
Jnr Tri - Super Sprint (400m|10km|2.5km) 25 Nov
12 - 13 Years, Male
Jnr Tri - Super Sprint (400m|10km|2.5km) 25 Nov
12 - 13 Years, Female
Jnr Tri - Super Sprint (400m|10km|2.5km) 25 Nov
14 - 15 Years, Male
Jnr Tri - Super Sprint (400m|10km|2.5km) 25 Nov
14 - 15 Years, Female
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
16 - 17 Years, Male
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
16 - 17 Years, Female
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
18 - 39 Years, Male
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
18 - 39 Years, Female
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
40 - 59 Years, Male
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
40 - 59 Years, Female
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
60 - 99 Years, Male
Super Sprint Indiv. (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
60 - 99 Years, Female
Team Categories / Events Price (AED)
Super Sprint Tri Team (400m|10km|2.5km) Sat 26 Nov
12 - 99 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Jnr Super Sprint Tri Team (400m|10km|2.5km) 25 Nov
12 - 15 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • Where can I find the most up to date information on the event?

    Please visit the event website for all up to date information on the event:
    The FAQ´s section should assist you with any questions you may have that might not be covered here below.

  • When and where will the next event take place?

    The World Triathlon Championship Finals 2022 will be hosted on Abu Dhabi's premier sports destination - Yas Island. The event has a brand-new event venue for this year – located on Yas Bay in-front of Yas Island's state-of-the-art entertainment venue, Etihad Arena.

    The new venue at the heart of Yas Island offers:

    Space to host over 7,500 athletes and 25,000 spectators
    Accommodation, training, dining and entertainment destinations for visiting athletes, teams, officials, and media - all in close proximity to the event
    An exciting new race course that incorporates much more of the Island – ocean, roads and the F1 track
    The event will take place from 23 - 26 November 2022.

  • What are the race categories, and how much are they to enter?

    The World Championship races include:
    Elite World Championships - men / women: Standard distance (1500m Swim | 40km Bike | 10km Run)
    Elite U23 World Championships - men / women: Standard distance (1500m Swim | 40km Bike | 10km Run)
    Elite Para World Championships - men / women: Sprint distance
    Age Group World Championships – men / women: Standard distance (1500m Swim | 40km Bike | 10km Run)
    Age Group World Championships – men / women: Super Sprint Time Trial (brand new event) (400m Swim | 10km Bike | 2.5km Run)
    Age Group World Championships Aquabike (swim/cycle) – men / women: Standard distance (1500m Swim | 40km Bike)
    The community races include:
    Kids Triathlon for ages 9-11 years (150m Swim | 4.5km Bike | 1.25km Run)
    Junior Triathlon Super Sprint for ages 12-15 years (400m Swim | 10km Bike | 2.5km Run)
    Super Sprint Individual and Team entries for ages 16* years and up (400m Swim | 10km Bike | 2.5km Run). *Note in the Team category - one of the athletes in the team can be as young as 1

  • How do I qualify to represent my country at the age group World Championships?

    Please contact your National Federation for details on the qualification criteria to represent your country in the World Championship races.

  • Can I represent Team UAE at the age group World Championships?

    The UAE Triathlon Federation has announced that a team of athletes will be selected to represent the UAE in Age Group races around the world, starting with the World Championship in Abu Dhabi this coming November.

    The team will be selected from a mix of UAE National and UAE-resident members of the UAE Triathlon Federation, with the selection criteria due to be announced soon. Team UAE will represent the country at the prestigious ‘parade of nations’ during the opening ceremony of the World Championships, as well as toeing the line in UAE racing kit.

    Stay tuned for more information.

  • What is the event schedule?

    All Kids and Junior events will take place on Friday 25 November, in the early evening. The Adult Super Sprint Individual and Team races will take place on Saturday 26 November.

    The full detailed event schedule will be announced soon.

  • Can I enter the community races as part of a team?

    Yes - the community triathlon race options can be completed as an individual or as a team relay of 2 or 3 athletes. The relay allows each participant to complete the discipline they are most comfortable with and makes triathlon very manageable for first-timers. It gives new triathletes a great introduction to the wonderful sport and the chance to enjoy participating with family and friends.

    A team can have 2 participants where one person can do 2 legs of the event, or include up to 3 participants, each doing 1 discipline.

  • What is the COVID-19 Protocol?

    The COVID-19 protocol will be in line with Government directives, and will be communicated closer to the event.

  • Do I need to sign an event disclaimer?

    Yes, every individual and every team member must complete the event disclaimer - if you are signing up online, you will check a box to agree to the event disclaimer. Those signing up in person, either pre-event or those signing up during event week in the Athletes Village, must sign a physical disclaimer form.

    All team members must be at registration to collect race packs. Identification will need to be produced at registration for entry verification.

  • What are the temperatures expected over race weekend. Are there any safety measures in place for heat?

    The temperatures over weekend will see highs of 32 degrees celcius. Because of this we have the top people in the world advising on the heat counter measurements. We are using a similar plan to what was used at the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games.

    We are keeping an eye on the water temperature and taking daily measurements of the course. We will monitor the temperature of the water on the day of the race, and if the temperature exceeds 31.9 degrees, we will make adjustments to the course. The swim and run course may be shorten, and adjustments made accordingly. We are also following World Triathlon Guidelines on heat management. Note that wetsuits will not be permitted in the swim.

    We have included some heat counter measurements on the course and ice will be available at all aid stations. The finish line recovery area will also be inside with air conditioning.

    As athletes you can also put plans in place to manage the heat. For more information on how you can prepare yourself for

  • Am I allowed to Transfer / Substitute an entry?

    This event does not allow individual athletes to transfer or substitute their individual entry from one athlete to another. This event allows substitutions in the Team categories up to 30 days prior to the event.

  • Will there be start waves, and how will these be determined?

    Yes, there will be start waves for all races. Start waves will be communicated closer to event day.

    We operate a ‘rolling swim start’ within these waves. This is where triathletes line up in smaller groups and in turn enter the water down a gripped ramp rather than a large group setting off all at once. Specific COVID Safety instructions regarding the start procedure will be communicated closer to the event.

  • Can I start in another start wave?

    No, once you are allocated a start wave, starting outside of your allocated start wave could lead to a disqualification.

  • Drafting, when will this be allowed, and when not?

    Drafting is illegal in the cycling leg of all of the age group triathlon races. TT bikes and bars are permitted in the triathlon races.

  • Why do the Cycle and Run courses consist of laps?

    The World Triathlon Series is an international series comprising of 8 events around the world. The series attracts and hosts the top ranked international triathletes, as well as complete novices to the seasoned and competitive triathletes in the various age groups.

    Including laps into the route ensures that the race is contained, making public engagement more accessible with the opportunity to view and get to know the athletes that we ordinarily only see on TV. Furthermore, loyal supporters, family and friends of all athletes can see and interact with their athletes more often.

    The safety of our participants will always remain our primary consideration.

    The World Triathlon Series also has various events taking place over the entire weekend, and the length of the course takes into consideration access requirements for residents, bus routes and other venue users.

  • Is there a cut off time?

    Yes - each race distance must be completed within the following set times:
    Super Sprint triathlon distance: 400m swim / 10km bike / 2.5km run (cut off: 1 hour 20 mins)
    Swim cut off: 20 minutes
    Bike cut off: 40 minutes
    Run cut off: 20 minutes

    If you are unable to complete your race within the allocated time frame, you will be asked to leave the course and your result will be listed as DNF (Did Not Finish).

  • Will the age groupers receive splits for the separate legs swim/bike/run?

    Age groupers will receive time splits. There will be a timing mat at the entrance and exit of transition and at the race finish. There will be additional timing to record cycle and run laps as well.

  • Will there be aid stations on course?

    There will be NO aid stations on the cycle course. There will be hydration aid stations along the run course.

  • What kind of bikes can be used for the race?

    Road Bikes, Time Trial (TT) Bikes, Mountain Bikes, and Hybrid Bikes will be allowed for the triathlon races.
    If you want to purchase or rent equipment for the World Triathlon Abu Dhabi, our partners would be more than happy to help you. Email [email protected] for more details.

    Handlebars and wheels specifications:


    Wheels must have at least 12 spokes.
    Covers are allowed on the rear wheel. However, this provision may be changed by the Technical Delegate in the interest of safety, i.e. high-winds.


    Only handlebars and clip-on bars not extending beyond the leading edge of the front wheel will be permitted.
    Two-piece clip-on bars do not need to be bridged.
    All tube ends must be plugged.

  • Can I rent a bike?

    Yes, bike rental will be available for the 2022 race. Stay tuned - details will be announced soon.

  • What is deemed to be illegal equipment in this event?

    Illegal equipment includes, but is not limited to:

    Headphone(s) or headset(s)
    Glass containers
    Mobile phone(s) or any other electronic listening communication device
    Cameras and GoPro’s or similar

  • I haven't done a triathlon before - can I sign up for the community races?

    With some training and guidance, anyone can do a triathlon. World Triathlon Abu Dhabi is designed to be a mass participation event with distances catering to novice and experienced triathletes.

    We have specifically introduced a Super Sprint category to make the event more accessible to ‘newbies’. To complete the Super Sprint you need to be able to swim 15 lengths of a 25m pool, be able to cycle for 20-30 minutes and then run 15-20 minutes. You can also enter the event as part of a team and choose one or two of the disciplines, depending on your team size (min 2- max 3).

  • Are there Partner Packages Available?

    Yes. If your brand would like to be associated with the pinnacle of world triathlon, we have several packages available from exhibitors to sponsors. Contact [email protected] and a member of the team will be in touch.

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