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Wadi Bih Run - Hatta Edition 2021

Wadi Bih Run - Hatta Edition 2021

  1. Nov, 19 Fri
  2. Hatta UAE

Start Time: from 06:15 am*

Wadi Bih Run - Hatta Edition 2021

Hatta UAE Start Time: from 06:15 am*
This event occurred in the past; information is likely to be out of date.
Registration closed on 13.11.2021 11:59 PM.
Cancel/Refund options expired on 13.11.2021 11:59 PM.
Category change options expired on 12.11.2021 11:59 PM.

The Wadi Bih Run was the brainchild of John Gregory & John Young and this edition marks 28 years since 1993 when a total of 80 hardy souls ran, in relay teams of 5.
This edition of the Hatta Run is similar to our previous Hatta run; it starts from the Hatta Wadi Hub by Dubai Holding, Hatta, U.A.E.
The run will stay in line with its values of being an escape from the city while still being over rugged terrain and in the mountain, which gives the event a unique flavor.

Included: Goody Bag, Medal, Photo Service or Download, Refreshments, Timing, Race T-shirt and Post event lunch
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Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Solo 10Km
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Solo 20Km
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Solo 35Km
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Solo 70Km
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Team Categories / Events Price (AED)
Team 35Km
9 - 99 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Team 70Km
9 - 99 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • General Race Information:

    The run start point is from Hatta Hub and will follow an exclusive route in Hatta to a high point in the mountains then to the Hatta Dam and by farms and beautiful tracks before returning to the start point.
    Venue : Hatta Hub by Dubai Holding, Hatta (check event location map on event page)
    Race Pack Collection: Registration desk at Hatta Hub
    Course Difficulty: Hard
    Start times: Solo 70Km, Solo 35KM, Solo 20KM, Solo 10KM - 6.15 AM - Team 70KM and Team 35KM - From 6:30 AM onwards
    Parking: At Hatta Hub.
    Support Stations: ONLY FOR SOLO RUNNERS at checkpoints.

  • Important points to know before the race:

    1. Teams MUST have a 4x4 vehicle due to the nature of course, without it you wouldn't be allowed to participate. The 4x4 vehicles must be 7 seaters (in order to have 4 pax at the same time with accordance to COVID regulations)
    2. Teams MUST comprise of 5 members, with at least 1 female runner in order to eligible for prizes. It is possible to have even only 3 members in a team with no female runner, but you wouldn't be eligible for prizes.
    3. Support stations are available only for Solo runners. Teams must be self-sufficient.
    4. Race pack bags can be collected from the registration desk at the venue.
    5. Camping spaces available, however, participants must bring their own equipment/gear.

    All downloadable files are available under the "downloads" section on event page

  • Is it possible to register a team with less than 5 members?

    You can register a team with 3, 4 or 5 members. However, teams of less than 5 would NOT be eligible for any prizes should you be placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

  • Should every team have at least one female runner?

    In order to be eligible for prizes each team MUST have at-least one female runner.

  • What time do the races start?

    Solo categories start 6:15 AM Team categories start from 6:30 AM onwards.

  • Is a visa to Oman required for this Wadi Bih Race?

    No, this 'Hatta Edition' will take place solely within the UAE and not cross any borders.

  • What are the precautions taken in this event against the spread of the COVID-19 virus?

    The rapid spread of the COVID-19 has created an unprecedented situation with implications for every aspect of life.
    Rest assured, we've taken necessary precautions and have implemented all the recommended COVID-19 guidelines to ensure the safety of all the participants at the event.
    Please take a moment to read these instructions and keep them in mind, and better yet at hand throughout the race:
    Sanitize and wash your hands frequently.
    Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth.
    Cover your mouth when you cough using a tissue or the bend of your elbow.
    Sanitize the timing bibs prior to handing it over to your teammate.
    Wear a face mask, except when running.
    Maintain a 2-meter distance between yourself and others.
    Leave a 2-meter gap when setting up your camping tents.
    Avoid being in large groups before/after the race.

  • What are the Safety information that I should know?

    We want you to have a great time at the event, but your safety is our top priority.
    Please take a moment to read these instructions and keep them in mind, and better yet at hand throughout the race.
    Support stations for Solo runners would be at Checkpoints 2, 4, 6, 8, and 10.
    Keep Hydrated
    Solo runners especially, the wadi and course are dry and hot. You would be running in an extreme environment.
    Drive safely
    The Wadi and some of the pathways on the route are narrow at times, stay alert and drive carefully
    Drive slowly
    The maximum vehicle speed of 30 KM/Hr in the wadi to avoid kicking up dust. It's not only unpleasant to run through,
    but it also reduces visibility in the wadi, which could lead to accidents.
    In case of emergency:
    Assess the situation
    If the injury is minor, use team support to transport to near marshal point or to the ambulance. Ensure the safety of the
    incident scene by warning other teams and drivers.

  • What is the course like? What are the course maps?

    The overall length of the course is 35Km and is split into 10 stages of different lengths and elevation levels.
    The route will be exactly the same to last years edition (Nov 2019), which saw people climb the dramatic rugged mountains on the UAE - Oman border, to an altitude of 607 meters, which is normally a restricted area.
    This event features two different categories -
    Solo: Solo 10Km, Solo 20Km, Solo 35KM and Solo 70KM (6:15 AM mass start)
    Teams (5 participants): Team 35Km and Team 70Km (6:30 AM onwards)
    All downloadable files are available under the "downloads" section on event page. Please note that all the distances mentioned on the course map are approximate and there may be slight difference from the stated distances.

  • Are there any support stations?

    The organization will provide support at each of the checkpoints comprising of hydration, nutrition, and run marshals.
    Refreshments would be available at Checkpoints 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10. Please plan your run accordingly.

  • Instructions for solo runners:

    Between the checkpoints, each runner must be self-sufficient and have appropriate footwear, clothing, sunglasses, hat, suncream, etc.
    Every solo runner shall carry a mobile phone for emergency use if required. Solo runners can provide a drop bag, clearly marked with their race number and the checkpoint number, required for the drop. Please note that the drop bags will only be transported back to the event site at the end of the run.
    No valuables such as wallet, phone and the like are allowed in the bag drops. The Organizing Team will not be responsible or liable, directly or indirectly, in any way for any loss or damage of any kind incurred because of, or in connection with, your failure to follow these instructions.

  • Instructions for teams:

    In each relay team, there should be 5 runners with at least one female runner.
    Teams of all male runners are permitted but they will not be eligible for prizes. For school or family teams 2 adults to be present in each team.
    Only 4 x 4 vehicles permitted.
    The route is marked by numbered CP stage markers and while a runner is doing 1 stage, the teams own support vehicle will transport the other team members along the route.
    Each runner must complete at least two stages.
    Runners are only to change the team bib belt at designated check points, swapping of runners in the middle of stages is not allowed.
    After registration, teams will be started when they are ready by a marshal from 6:30 AM onwards.

  • More about the individual categories:

    Solo 10 - Wadi Explorer: Runners follow the meandering watercourse and lush reed beds down the wadi on gravel track and MTB single track past the newly formed lake and the dam to the UAE-Oman border fence and return on the same route.
    Solo 20 - Hatta Hill: Runners follow the solo 10 route to the UAE-Oman border and then start the initially gradual but increasing the steep ascent to the high point of the road at over 600 m altitude before returning on the same route.
    Solo 35 - Hatta loop: Runners follow the solo 20 route to the high point of the hill and continue on the well graded track adjacent the UAE-Oman border fence down into Wadi fay to Hatta village, the Hatta Dam and Lake, back through Hatta village and Wadi Hatta.
    Solo 70 - Hatta heroes: This category was brought back due to popular demand by the hard-core trail running community in the region to enable a double dosage savoring the full delights of the Hatta loop course twice.

  • More about team categories:

    Team 70 - The classic relay:
    This team relay category follows the original successful format followed since the first run in 1993 for a team of five runners with alternative individuals running sequential stages. The route follows the Hatta loop twice. Whether you're a group of friends, a family, school/college, company or other organization, please join us to experience a challenging, wonderful day out in the beautiful unique environment of Hatta. Each runner will cover approximately 15K.
    Team 35 - Social relay:
    This category follows the team 70 format but runners complete one circuit of the Hatta loop with each runner completing about 7K. This relay category has proved extremely popular for people new to running, families with children and corporate teams. The route stages between checkpoints are split into sections of varying difficulty to cater for all.

  • What are the onsite safety measures?

    The Super Sports marshals will be present at some of the checkpoints and are medically trained and have first aid kits. If a participant is injured or drops out of the run, the marshals present at the nearest check point will transport him/her back to the start but only at the end of the run, approx. 4-5 pm. Alternatively, he/she may be able to get a lift back in a team vehicle.

    The Organizing Team strongly recommend that participants pool resources with other solo supporters if they have a support crew and car to reduce congestion in the wadi and improve safety. This can be arranged via our Facebook page in advance, or at the event site before the race.

  • Any instructions for support cars?

    Support cars are not to follow runners at runners’ pace. Once the team bib belt is handed over the support car should proceed to the next check point.
    It is essential that each team limits themselves to one vehicle to avoid congestion problems. Excess vehicles can be left parked at the start point.
    Drivers are to keep speed to a minimum and always avoid raising dust while driving.
    Running in dust is not fun! and reduces visibility and we want you to avoid accidents with other runners or cars.
    Teams not following this rule will not be given an official time in the event or be eligible for prizes.

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