UAE Virtual Duathlon

UAE Virtual Duathlon

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Start Time: from 04:45 pm*

UAE Virtual Duathlon

Virtual Event UAE Start Time: from 04:45 pm*
This event occurred in the past; information is likely to be out of date.
Registration closed on 20.04.2020 11:59 PM.
Cancel/Refund options expired on 20.04.2020 11:59 PM.
Category change options expired on 20.04.2020 11:59 PM.

UAE Triathlon organizes the UAE Virtual Duathlon, in line with the precautionary measures that the government is undertaking under the current circumstances.
Are you ready to accept this challenge?
#StayHome and join us now!

Refund Policy: Premier Online guarantees your right to cancel and receive a refund (subject to applicable fees) for paid events within specified time limits.

* Some events have multiple start times and many events request attendees to arrive by a certain time; please check the Information and FAQs sections above for details or contact the organizer for clarification.

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Group A
18 - 30 Years, Male
18 - 30 Years, Female
Group B Sold Out
31 - 40 Years, Male
31 - 40 Years, Female
Group C Sold Out
41 - 50 Years, Male
41 - 50 Years, Female
Group D
51 - 99 Years, Male
51 - 99 Years, Female
Junior Group A
8 - 12 Years, Male
8 - 12 Years, Female
Junior Group B
13 - 15 Years, Male
13 - 15 Years, Female
Junior Group C
16 - 17 Years, Male
16 - 17 Years, Female
Paracycling / Wheelchair
8 - 99 Years, Male
8 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • Race Distances:

    The race will be measured by the distance you did within the given time as the following:
    Open groups (18 years and above): (Run 15 minutes / Transition 3 minutes / Bike 20 minutes / Transition 3 minutes / Run 10 minutes)
    Junior groups (17 years and below): (Run 10 minutes / Transition 3 minutes / Bike 10 minutes / Transition 3 minutes / Run 5 minutes)
    Paracylcing / Wheelchair: (30 minutes)

  • Terms and Conditions for participation:

    1- Participant must be live on web conference call using Zoom app. (Video and Audio must be on).
    2- Participant must make sure to have a stable wifi connection during the race.
    3- Participant must be available and in Zoom and ready for the race 10 minutes before his start time.
    4- Participant must have treadmill (or he can run indoor at home) and bike indoor trainer (both must be in front of the camera).
    5- Participant must connect his treadmill and bike indoor trainer to a smart app (such as Garmin or Strava) to be able to send his activity summary after the race (activity summery must includes start time, activity duration, distance in kilometer).
    6- Participant must follow the referees instruction all the time.

  • How I get disqualified:

    Participant may get disqualified for one of the following reasons:
    1- Zoom conference disconnected.
    2- Failure in sending activity summary after the race (within 1 hour) with the required information (start time, activity duration, distance in kilometer).
    3- Spending more time in one of the activities (run/bike/run), if the participant spend more time in transition he will be losing this time in his next activity.
    4- Not following referees instructions.

  • Winners and Prizes:

    - Top three in each age group (male / female)
    - Top three in overall (male / female)
    - Winners will be announced based on the total distance they did in the race.
    - All participants will receive a virtual medal on their email.
    - Top three overall (male / female) will receive certificates.

  • Event Schedule:

    21 April 2020
    9:00 pm: Race briefing
    9:30 pm: Open questions & answers session

    22 April 2020
    (Each participant must be ready and available in Zoom 10 minutes before his race time)
    4:30 pm: Group A & D: 18-30 & 51+
    5:45 pm: Group B: 31-40
    7:15 pm: Group C: 41-50

    23 April 2020
    4:45 pm: Junior Groups A,B & C:
    6:00 pm: Paratriathlon (Paracylcing / Wheelchair)

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