QRS Spring Series

QRS Spring Series

  1. Oct, 10 Sat
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  3. Nov, 07 Sat
  4. Doha Qatar

Start Time: from 12:00 AM*

QRS Spring Series

Doha Qatar Start Time: from 12:00 AM*
This event occurred in the past; information is likely to be out of date.
Registration closed on 18.10.2020 11:59 PM.
Cancel/Refund options expired on 11.10.2020 11:59 PM.
Category change options expired on 11.10.2020 11:59 PM.

As we continue to practice physical distancing, ​Z Adventures is proud to relaunch the QRS Spring Series that was postponed earlier this year due to COVID-19. We are now offering the series virtually with 5 weekly timed races and a 5-week step fitness challenge in October and November. All finishers will receive 5 medals plus a Gold, Silver and Bronze medal if they finish in the Top 3.

Included: Medal, Timing
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  • What is the Step Challenge?

    100,000 steps in 5 weeks (76.2 km)
    200,000 steps in 5 weeks (152.4 km)
    300,000 steps in 5 weeks (228.6 km)
    400,000 steps in 5 weeks (304.8 km)
    500,000 steps in 5 weeks (381.0 km)

  • What are the Distances?

    Any distance is acceptable throughout the month. However for weekly results to be posted on our website, runners are advised to run any of the below distances.

    10K or 13,123 steps
    5K or 6,562 steps
    3K or 3,937 steps
    1K or 1,312 steps

  • What are the Race dates?

    Challenge will start on Thursday Oct 1st and finish after 5 weeks. Athletes can sign up anytime during the 5-weeks challenge.
    Runners have 2 choices to submit their time and distance.
    1) The best weekly time and distance. E.g. best 10K, 5K, 3K or 1K time during the week.
    2) Total distance and time at the end of the 5-weeks challenge.
    Leader board will be updated on a weekly basis on the website.

  • What are the Rewards?

    Runners / Walkers who complete the desired challenge will receive a set of 5 custom-designed medals.
    Gold, Silver & Bronze medals to the Top 3 (Male / Female) in 10K, 5K, 3K and 3K Juniors. Mini-Kids is a fun category with no awards for the Top 3.

  • Where can I find my Results?

    Challenge results will be uploaded on z-adventures.org on a weekly basis. Bespoke medals will be presented to athletes 1 week after the completion of the 5 weeks challenge. Please note that shipping cost is not included, so if you do not reside in Qatar, kindly do not sign up for the challenge unless you wish to pay for shipping. Currently shipping is not possible to UAE.

  • Common Concern - "Cheating":

    There are quite a few ways we can detect cheaters. However, we do realize that no matter what we do or how foolproof the structure is, participants are always going to be able to cheat if that’s what they want to do. For example, put their smartwatch on their dog or drive around at low speed inside their compound! Hence, If someone wants to cheat then they are only really cheating themselves and wasting their time and money.

    All podium winners will be asked to share detailed strava or smartphone app data with us showing their time, distance, cadence and HR. Failure to provide the required data will result in DNF.

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