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City Seia
Date 07 June 2024, Friday
Time 10:00 am*

The Oh My God® Ultra Trail® Serra da Estrela is the
precursor of long distance trail running races in mainland Portugal, being the
first with 100km and 100 miles. In 2018, it now has another emblematic distance
called OMD200 (160+40), and the athlete who covers this distance within 44
hours will be acclaimed as "Viriathus".



has various distances (5 to be exact) in dispute so that each person, in their own style,
within their own abilities and goals, can design their own challenge.

Individual Categories / Events Price (€)
OMG 20K - Normal
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
OMG 50K - Normal
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
OMD 100K - Normal
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
OMD 160K - Normal
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
Included: Live Results, Medal, Photo Service or Download, Refreshments, Personal accident and liability insurance, BIB, Official event gift, Finisher's prize for those who complete the race, Supply of food and drinks while in competition, Medical and/or nursing assistance at the finish line and sign support bases. Transport to the finish line, in case of abandonment or being prevented by the organization from continuing in the race.
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