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Mleiha Desert Dash & Fatbike 2023

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City Mleiha
Date 07 January 2023, Saturday
Time 06:00 am*
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Take part in this amazing Mleiha desert adventure run and fat bike race.
Camp with us in our designated campsite next to the start/finish with on site toilets.
Enjoy the winter weather and tranquility of the desert with your family and friends.
And for the rest of the family and kids? Explore the historical archaeological center of Mleiha or stargaze under the spectacular winter sky, and the on site cafe is serving food all day if you don’t feel up to cooking yourself! Download the Athlete Guide form the Urban-Ultra website: http://www.urbanultra.com/events/urban-ultra-mleiha-desert-dash-fat-bike-2023/

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Adult 5k Fun Run
16 - 99 Years, Male
16 - 99 Years, Female
Adult 10k Trail Run
12 - 99 Years, Male
12 - 99 Years, Female
Adult 25k Trail Run
16 - 99 Years, Male
16 - 99 Years, Female
Junior 5k Fun Run (Under Guidance)
6 - 15 Years, Male
6 - 15 Years, Female
Adult 10k Fat Bike
16 - 99 Years, Male
16 - 99 Years, Female
Adult 25k Fat Bike
16 - 99 Years, Male
16 - 99 Years, Female
Adult 50k Ultra Trail Run
16 - 99 Years, Male
16 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • When and where is the Race Pack Collection?

    Race number and race pack collection from Hopasports Office, Shop 1 & 2, Dubai Autodrome Retail Plaza, Motor City ONLY.Collection dates to be advised.

    Call +971 50 4422934. Race packs will NOT be taken to the start line, so please ensure you collect prior to race day. ONLY International or participants living outside of Dubai can request race day pick-up upon registration.

  • What are the Course Details?

    Courses are marked approx every 300m with pink flags and orange spray paint and with light-reflective tape on the same pink
    flags. The 5k and 10k courses are small loops. The 25k and 50k courses are a large single or a double loop. You have 10hrs to
    complete the 50k distance and 5 hrs to complete the 25k distance. The 25k/50k course is a mix of hard track, low dunes, and
    some soft sand, gaiters are useful but not essential. 25k/50k participants must use a headlamp for the first few km as it
    will be dark at their 6am start time.
    It is possible to run this course in both road shoes and trail shoes. Please know which turn you need to make for the distance
    you are running - you are responsible for making the turn at the correct distance marker which will be at one of three water
    checkpoints. Please be respectful of our surroundings and keep impact to a minimum. Leaving nothing but footprints when we
    leave. Please note, that the course road is not closed to traffic, and locals use parts of

  • Are there any checkpoints available?

    Water, fruit, nuts and electrolyte will be provided during the race at the checkpoints but please make
    sure that your obligatory hydration pack is fully filled from your own supplies before the start. Water points will be positioned at
    approx 2.5k, 5k, 25k and start/finish. You might be surprised at speed at which the temperature rises in the desert, please do not
    miss out the opportunity to fill your water bottles at all checkpoints. 5k and 10k runners do not have to carry the mandatory kit list.

  • What is the Mandatory Gear?

    Items Mandatory For 25K & 50K Runners:
    By agreeing to run you are agreeing to be a responsible athlete, and confirm that you have the mandatory gear for your own safety.
    ALL winners will be checked at the finish line for mandatory items. Runners with incomplete kit will be disqualified. The list has
    been given from personal race knowledge and experience for your own safety. Accidents happen and your first aid kit, whistle
    and mobile phone are essential for your safety. Dehydration is a potential life-threatening situation - water and electrolytes are
    essential for proper hydration and staying cramp-free.

  • Any additional information participants should know about?

    There are no hotels close by, however, we do have a campsite designated with onsite toilets (but no showers), and you are invited to pitch your tent with us the night before. There are plenty of lovely areas close by. You can also just drive up on the morning and return home after the race in your own vehicle. There is no transport provided for this event.
    All camping equipment like tent, sleeping bags, grill, BBQ food/water, firewood, comfort items etc. are your own responsibility.

  • Where is the Location? And what are the Directions?

    50k/25k runners and fatbikers will start at 6.00am. (Check-in CLOSES at 5.30am. Briefing at 5.45am).
    5k/10k runners and fatbikers will start at 8.30am. (Check-in CLOSES at 8.00am. Briefing at 8.15am).
    Enjoy the winter weather and tranquility of the desert with your family and friends on this desert adventure run and fatbike.
    Races will start and finish in the area of the Mleiha Archaeological site. See map for location start and courses - accessible by
    saloon and 4WD. The 25k runners/riders and 50k ultra runners will head off to complete the selected distance in the dark with a
    headlamp on a flat but challenging course marked with light reflective tape, then return to camp for food and fun. You can rent/
    purchase fat bikes from a number of locations in Dubai – AdventureHQ, Wolfis, TREK and cycle hub all have availability.

  • How is this event handling Covid19 related concerns?

    This information has been requested from the Event Organizer and will be updated here once received.

Included: Goody Bag, Medal, Refreshments, Timing, Technical T-Shirt, Breakfast for ultra distance, Bandana
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Location: Mleiha

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