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Mars Marathon

Mars Marathon

  1. Aug, 05 Wed
  2. Al Ain UAE

Start Time: from 07:00 am*

Mars Marathon

Al Ain UAE Start Time: from 07:00 am*
This event occurred in the past; information is likely to be out of date.
Registration closed on 04.08.2020 11:59 PM.
Cancel/Refund options expired on 04.08.2020 11:59 PM.
Category change options expired on 04.08.2020 11:59 PM.

Celebrate the Hope Mars Mission with us and join the 50km Mars Marathon!
Every successful person can succeed through inspiration and our success is from Earth and to Mars, as we draw our inspiration from sports ...
Run to complete your mission of a 50km virtual run in the shortest combined duration indoor or outdoors, in accordance with the event rules.
Gifts for winners ...
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Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
Individual Runner
10 - 99 Years, Male
10 - 99 Years, Female
Team Categories / Events Price (AED)
Duo Team
10 - 99 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Group team of 3 or 4
10 - 99 Years, Male/Female
(Team Price)
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • Marathon categories

    Individuals must complete the mission (50km run) in no more than 10 days.
    Duo Team ( 2 members) must choose a specific name for their Team and complete the mission (50km run) in no more than 5 days.
    Teams of 3 or 4 must choise a specific name for their team complete the mission (50km run) in no more than 3 days.

  • فئات الماراثون

    فئات ماراثون ال50كيلومتر
    ١-مشاركة فردية / إنجاز المهمة ٥٠ كيلو في عشر ايام فقط كأقصى حد والمشارك الذي يتعدى هذه المدة يعتبر خارج المنافسة .
    ٢- الفرق الثنائية/ انجاز المهمة ٥٠كيلو في خمس ايام كحد اقصى .
    ٣-القرق الجماعية ، المجموعة( العدد من ٣ اشخاص الى ٤فقط) / انجاز المهمة ٥٠كيلو في ٣ ايام كحد اقصى .

  • Run location / venue

    Any indoor or outdoor safe place. This is a virtual event.

  • مكان الماراثون

    في مكان داخلي او خارجي آمن ..
    فعالية ماراثون افتراضي

  • Regulations and Rules

    The conditions:
    1- Record exactly the start and end of the date and time on each day to facilitate the process of calculating your result. Submit results according to the details set out on this page.
    2- Complete the set distance within the time limits, according to your registered category:
    - Individuals must complete the mission (50km run) in no more than 10 days.
    - Duo Team ( 2 members) must choose a name for their team and complete the mission (50km run) in no more than 5 days.
    - Teams of 3 or 4 must choose a name for their team and complete the mission (50km run) in no more than 3 days.
    3. Only the registered runner(s) shall submit results; substitution or submission of someone else's results is not permitted.
    4. Failure to compete and submit results according to the rules shall be grounds for disqualification.

  • الأحكام و الشروط

    ١-تسجيل البداية والنهاية بالتاريخ والوقت المسجل بالضبط في كل يوم لتسهيل عملية جمع المسافات كلها وكل شخص و المسافة المقطوعة من قبل كل مشارك..
    ٢- تزويد أسماء كل شخص من المشاركين وخصوصا المجموعات او الثنائيات .
    ٣- اعطاء اسماء مستعارة لكل فريق جماعي او ثنائي لسهولة فرز النتائج .
    ٤- التسجيل عبر بريميير اون لاين ولكل فئة
    ٥- بعد الموافقة على الشروط من يفشل في الالتزام بالشروط والقوانين يتم استبعاده من المنافسة تلقائياً وبدون نقاش .
    مثلاً: تجاوز الحد المسموح للايام
    او لم يصل للمسافة المطلوبة كاملة .
    او لم يبعث المعلومات المطلوبة في الوقت المناسب .
    او اضافة شخص في الفريق بدون إخطار اللجنة المنظمة .
    او شخص ذكر اسمه في الفريق لكن لم يشارك ولا باي مسافة .

  • Participation Submission

    All you need to do is complete the respective distance you entered, Each participant (Individual, Duo Team oe Group Team shall complete the challenge parts on the same day and needs to provide ANY* link for workout proof along with their registered name. (Last participation submission date shall be on 23:59 on 14 August 2020)
    *This could be:
    a link to your social media post, or
    a link to your tracking app like Strava on https://www.strava.com/clubs/Tikitaka (label your run with #marsvirtualmarathon & participant's name according the registered category ) or
    Any smart watch timing /GPS live record for each and every run distance split .
    Or a link to your YouTube video.
    And a short video for each run distance split of the run, for individual or teams
    Any link showing basic proof of completion is fine to be sent to [email protected] or post on Instagram @tikitaka.s.m and tag #mars virtualmarathon

  • Results announcement date

    The Results will be announced on 18.08.2020 on tikitaka insta: @tikitaka.s.m

  • موعد إعلان النتائج

    18/08/2020 سيتم إعلان النتائج على انستغرام تكي تاكا @tikitaka.s.m

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