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Adventure HQ Khor Fakkan Adventure Race

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City Khor Fakkan
Date 02 October 2022, Sunday
Time 04:00 am*
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Registration closed on 29.09.2022 11:59 PM.
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The Khor Fakkan AR is an adventure race with 3 categories to enter. Novice, Intermediate and Elite which is the first official ARWS event in the region as part of the newly established AR Middle East Series. The race is an ARWS observer race with no points being scored towards the ARWS ranking.
Novice & Intermediate Category - Competitors need to find as many control points as they can using a map and compass in a 2 (Novice) or 4 (Intermediate) hour cutoff period by setting out from a central transition area which they will return to after finding each control point. Competitors need to be self sufficient carrying all their own water and gear in a backpack including a list of compulsory equipment. (To be emailed) Each control point is worth certain points depending on the level of difficulty. The competitor/ team with the most points after the 2/ 4 hour cut off wins. The course is designed so that if a competitor/ team doesn't want to do a specific discipline allocated to a control point they can choose to find a different one and still be able to score points and be competitive. The distance may vary from as little as 2 km's to 30km's depending on competitors level of fitness and navigational competence. Competitors are encouraged to have a support crew to help them in the transition areas.
Elite Category - The official ARWS Observer Race. Competitors will set out to find a series of control points as per the standard international adventure race format. Competitors will be self sufficient carrying all their own water, food and compulsory equipment as set out in the competitors brief. The race distance is +/- 70km's with 2 transition areas. Teams need to supply one person as their support crew to assist them in the transition areas and at least one person in the team needs to have a valid first aid certificate.
The race may include the following disciplines - Open Water Swimming, Mountain Biking, Kayaking, Trail Running, Absailing, Free Diving.

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
18 - 99 Years, Male
14 - 99 Years, Female
18 - 99 Years, Male
18 - 99 Years, Female
Team Categories / Events Price (AED)
Elite Team 2
18 - 99 Years, Male/Female
Elite Team 4
18 - 99 Years, Male/Female
Intermediate Team 2
18 - 99 Years, Male/Female
Intermediate Team 4
18 - 99 Years, Male/Female
Novice Team 2
14 - 99 Years, Male/Female
Novice Team 4
14 - 99 Years, Male/Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
Included: Medal, Refreshments, Lunch
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Mantra X

Location: Khor Fakkan

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