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ILSS: 1K Running Time Trials

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City Dubai
Date 12 March 2023, Sunday
Time 07:45 pm*
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A 1K Time Trial is a race with yourself in which you run 1 kilometer on a running track, with the goal of achieving your best possible time. Our club gives you an opportunity to run this distance under the supervision of our professional coach. During the time trial, you will be running in a competitive environment with other athletes, which can help to push you to perform at your best.
Before the time trial, you will have the opportunity to participate in a warmup. Our coach will show you the most effective warmup exercises that you can use before races to prepare your body for the physical demands of fast running.
The coach will be watching your technique and after the time trial he will provide feedback and recommendations to help you improve your performance. The coach will also can give you an approximate estimate of your maximum heart rate and threshold heart rate if you will run with HR monitor. Knowing your heart rate is helpful to understand your physical capabilities and identifying areas for improvement.
1K Time Trial is a great opportunity to test your physical fitness, improve your running technique, and push yourself to achieve your best possible time. Athletes of any level are welcome. Join us!

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