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FINIS Hatta Aquathlon

FINIS Hatta Aquathlon

  1. Nov, 12 Fri
  2. Hatta UAE

Start Time: from 07:30 am*

FINIS Hatta Aquathlon

Hatta UAE Start Time: from 07:30 am*

Join us in Hatta for a stunning nature based Aquathlon-styled race like nowhere else in the country. This run-swim-run offers spectacular scenery and starts with a run from Hatta Sports Club to Hatta Dam on tarred roads.
This will be a race you won't forget!

Included: Certificate, Live Results, Medal, Refreshments, Timing, GRIT+TONIC.com shirt, Swim Cap
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* Some events have multiple start times and many events request attendees to arrive by a certain time; please check the Information and FAQs sections above for details or contact the organizer for clarification.

Individual Categories / Events Price (AED)
SUPER SPRINT 1 – 375m swim, 3.1km run
0 - 18 Years, Male
0 - 18 Years, Female
SUPER SPRINT 2 – 375m swim, 3.1km run
19 - 99 Years, Male
19 - 99 Years, Female
SPRINT 1. – 2.7km run, 750m swim, 3.17km run
0 - 18 Years, Male
0 - 18 Years, Female
SPRINT 2 – 2.7km run, 750m swim, 3.17km run
19 - 29 Years, Male
19 - 29 Years, Female
SPRINT 3 – 2.7km run, 750m swim, 3.17km run
30 - 39 Years, Male
30 - 39 Years, Female
SPRINT 4 – 2.7km run, 750m swim, 3.17km run
40 - 49 Years, Male
40 - 49 Years, Female
SPRINT 5 – 2.7km run, 750m swim, 3.17km run
50 - 99 Years, Male
50 - 99 Years, Female
OLYMPIC 1 – 2.7km run, 1.5km swim, 6.1km run
0 - 18 Years, Male
0 - 18 Years, Female
OLYMPIC 2 – 2.7km run, 1.5km swim, 6.1km run
19 - 29 Years, Male
19 - 29 Years, Female
OLYMPIC 3 – 2.7km run, 1.5km swim, 6.1km run
30 - 39 Years, Male
30 - 39 Years, Female
OLYMPIC 4 – 2.7km run, 1.5km swim, 6.1km run
40 - 49 Years, Male
40 - 49 Years, Female
OLYMPIC 5 – 2.7km run, 1.5km swim, 6.1km run
50 - 99 Years, Male
50 - 99 Years, Female
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.
  • How do I find my race number?

    Race Numbers will be allocated once entries close and be available for download as from 10am on the Wednesday before the Race.

  • When is race check in and race pack (number/timing chip) collection?

    On the day Race Pack collection
    Race Check-in opens at 6am and your race pack consisting of branded race shirt, race bib & timing chip can be
    collected here.

  • What are the course highlights?

    Spectacular scenery, Swim in Hatta Dam, views of majestic Hajar mountains, challenging hills, scenic Hatta Fort, natural beauty of Hatta, palm treed villages, blue fresh clean waters of Hatta Dam.

  • Where is the race taking place / where do we park?

    Hatta Sports Club, Easy drive to Hatta via main roads and NO passport control.
    Plenty of free parking outside the venue where start and finish takes place.

  • What is the race day program & timings?

    Be checked in at least 30 minutes before the start of the race. There is NO on the day registration.
    06h00 - 0700 Race check In Opens, Transition Set Up and Warm Up. All competitors need to be checked in before 07h00 as roads leading to the start/finish area will be closed to ALL traffic as from this time.
    07h00 Race Briefing for all
    07h10 Bus departs for Hatta Dam for Super Sprint Individuals, Super Sprint relay runners and swimmers and all Sprint and Olympic relay swimmers
    07h30 Wave 1: Olympic – Male, Female & Relay runners
    07h35 Wave 2: Sprint – Male, Female & Relay runners
    08h30 Wave 3: Super Sprint Start from Hatta Dam
    10h00 Prize Giving
    11h00 Official Race Cut Off Time

  • What are the race distances & age groups?

    • SUPER SPRINT – 375m swim, 3.1km run
    • SPRINT – 2.7km run, 750m swim, 3.17km run
    • OLYMPIC – 2.7km run, 1.5km swim, 6.1km run
    For age groups, please see the CATEGORIES section.

  • What about race numbers and timing chips?

    Timing chip must be worn on left leg.
    Bring your own race belt to attach the race number to, or they can be bought in the race village on race day.
    Race number must be worn on the front side of your body for run.
    Race numbers are different colors to indicate to marshal which distance you are doing.
    Race numbers and timing chips to be returned after finishing the race.

  • How easy/difficult is the course?

    All levels but be prepared for some challenging stages on the run.
    Transition at the dam, and once finished with the swim, make your way back to the the Club for Sprint athletes, but Olympic athletes take a detour with a bit of off-road running.
    Super Sprint will start at the dam and finish at the Club.

  • What is the course surface?

    Only Olympic distance will experience 20% off road running on hard compact gravel – rest of the course for all distances is on tarred roads.

  • What are the support stations and where are they placed?

    2 self-service water stations out on the run course
    1 self-service water station at the Finish Line

  • Are there any Family Discounts available?

    Family discounts are available for families of 3 or more wanting to enter this event, and are ONLY for parents and THEIR children and is offered by Super Sports to make it more economically viable for the whole family to participate. To avail of the family discount, please email [email protected], so that the family discount code can be given to you.

  • Where can I find the results?

    Please scan the QR codes in the Race Village to view your result once you have finished running. Full results will be on the Super Sports website as soon as possible at http://www.supersportsuae.com.

  • Where can I find the race photos?

    Photos can be found on your results page by clicking on the CAMERA icon and then doing a bib or selfie search. Photos will be available 24 hours after the race has finished. Individual photos are not included in the race fee nor guaranteed.

  • What are the accommodation options?

    JA Hatta Fort Hotel – only 51 rooms in total, book ASAP 04 814 5400 or Hatta Wadi Hub has 2 camping options, free or paid, both have shower and toilets.

  • Do I need to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 Vaccine to participate?

    to be announced

  • What are the Covid precautions?

    Participants to wear a mask before the start and once you finish the event (no need to wear a mask while participating)
    Self-social distancing of 2m at all times except when participating.
    Self-service water stations out on course and at the finish line
    Sanitize your hands regularly at designated stations.
    If you feel unwell on the morning of the event with flu-like symptoms, please stay at home!

  • Any additional information participants should know about?

    All information regarding the Race (Race Briefing, Race Course etc.) can be found in the Event Downloads section of this Race (on the right side of this page), so ensure you have a clear understanding of the rules and regulations as well as what the course will look like / entail.

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