DIT & Ashurst TriFest 2019

DIT & Ashurst TriFest 2019

  1. Nov, 08 Fri
  2. Dubai UAE

Start Time: from 06:30 am*

DIT & Ashurst TriFest 2019

Dubai UAE Start Time: from 06:30 am*
165 days left
This event scores highly!
Scoring an average of 8.6
in real reviews from actual participants this event is rated above average for most similar events.
Registration closes 01.11.2019 at 11:59 PM or sooner if places sell out.
Cancelations accepted up to 29.10.2019 at 11:59 PM or sooner if the event sells out.
Category Changes accepted up to 29.10.2019 11:59 PM or sooner if the event sells out.

Dubai International Triathlon is Back! Test yourself on this long almost 70.3 course. If you know our DIT & Trifest then this is one not to miss out.

All information about this event will be in the Race Info Pack. When the Race Info Pack has been finalised it will be published and emailed to you as well it can be found in the download area here on Premier Online.

Included: Goody Bag, Live Results, Medal, Refreshments, Timing
Refund Policy: Premier Online guarantees your right to cancel and receive a refund (subject to applicable fees) for paid events within specified time limits.

* Some events have multiple start times and many events request attendees to arrive by a certain time; please check the Information section above for details or contact the organizer for clarification.

Individual Categories Price (AED)
Olympic Triathlon 16-19 327.60
Olympic Triathlon 20-29 453.60
Olympic Triathlon 30-39 453.60
Olympic Triathlon 40-49 453.60
Olympic Triathlon 50-59 453.60
Olympic Triathlon 60+ 453.60
Sprint Triathlon 13-15 151.20
Sprint Triathlon 16-19 327.60
Sprint Triathlon 20-29 453.60
Sprint Triathlon 30-39 453.60
Sprint Triathlon 40-49 453.60
Sprint Triathlon 50-59 453.60
Sprint Triathlon 60+ 453.60
Super Sprint Triathlon 10-12 151.20
Super Sprint Triathlon 13-15 151.20
Super Sprint Triathlon 16-19 327.60
Super Sprint Triathlon 20-29 453.60
Super Sprint Triathlon 30-39 453.60
Super Sprint Triathlon 40-49 453.60
Super Sprint Triathlon 50-59 453.60
Super Sprint Triathlon 60+ 453.60
Team Categories Price (AED)
Olympic Team Triathlon 604.80
(Team Price)
Sprint Team Triathlon 604.80
(Team Price)
Super Sprint Team Triathlon 604.80
(Team Price)
Prices shown include VAT where applicable.

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