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BOUNCE Dodgeball League

BOUNCE Dodgeball League

  1. Aug, 04 Wed
  2. Dubai UAE

Start Time: from 08:00 pm*

BOUNCE Dodgeball League

Dubai UAE Start Time: from 08:00 pm*
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BOUNCE Dodgeball League, first in the region, is trampoline warfare. 16 Teams will battle it out weekly on Wednesday nights, over 4 weeks, from the 4th August, leading to the final all in knockout tournament on 2nd September.

It’s high-energy, awesome fun and the balls are soft. Dare to enter our BOUNCE Dodgeball arena, the ultimate trampoline Colosseum, where primal battle instincts rise to the fore in fun and often funny ways.

The art is using your bounce skills to dodge the balls and outmaneuver your opposition.
Official launch night will be week prior, on Wednesday, 28th July at 8pm

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  • What is the BOUNCE Dodgeball League (BDL) all about?

    The BDL will see 16 teams play off in a 4 week round-robin format where teams will be promoted and relegated on a weekly basis to try even out matches for the coming week! The BDL will conclude in week 5 with a Knock-Out Tournament to see who will be crowned the BDL Champions in this first Summer 2021 League.

  • General BDL Rules & Regulations

    a) Team consists of 10 players. For each match, 8 Players from two Teams head into the Arena to battle it out.
    b) Designated Team Captains will receive all communications weekly regarding the League.
    c) Each Team to be ready to play at least 15 minutes prior to their scheduled first match of the evening.
    d) Teams in each Pool will play each other twice in an evening – so there is time for revenge! 6 matches in total per evening.
    e) Each match will be 4 minutes long with 1 minute change over between matches.
    f) Any Team delaying the start of a match will be penalized with -5 points per 1 minute delay.
    g) Time wasting will also be penalized with -5 points for time wasting. Referees will make this call.
    h) Scoring system for the round robin format is explained in detail

  • What is the BDL round-robin format?

    a) 16 teams will go head to head weekly for the 4 weeks
    b) There will be 4 teams per Pool
    c) Four rounds of matches (round-robin format where everyone plays everyone irrespective if you win or lose)
    d) This will be followed by round 5 (5th week) - the finals night as a knock-out tournament. Cup and Plate.
    e) Teams randomly divided into Pools A, B, C & D. Pool A being the top Pool and Pool D being the bottom Pool.
    f) In round one, each team in their respective Pool will play each other twice on the evening of scheduled play.
    g) At the end of the 1-hour session the Team, with the most points in their Pool wins the round that week, the Team with the 2nd most points comes second etc.
    h) At the end of each weekly round, the top 2 Teams from Pool B, C and D will be promoted (i.e. top 2 teams from Pool D will move to Pool C for the following weeks matches etc.) and the bottom 2 teams from Pool A, B and C will be relegated for the following weeks matches (i.e. bottom 2 teams from Pool A will m

  • How does the Dodgeball League (round-robin format) scoring work?

    a) Match is 4 minutes in duration.
    b) Teams take to the Arena and 'Let's play Dodgeball'.
    c) Players are eliminated if they get hit by a ball or if they throw a ball that is caught by an opposing Player.
    d) The Team scores 1 point if they eliminate an opponent by hitting them with the ball.
    e) The Team scores 2 points when their Team Member catches the ball thrown at them by an opponent.
    f) Every 10 seconds an eliminated Player can re-enter the Arena.
    g) At the end of the 4 minutes, the Team with the most points is ruled the winner.
    h) Match points awarded as:
    - WIN is 3 points
    - DRAW is 1 point

  • How will the Dodgeball Knock-Out Tournament work?

    a) The Finals Night will take place in week 5 of the League Night on 1st September.
    b) Catering on the night sponsored by Freedom Pizza.
    c) Prize-giving will follow the finals with prizes sponsored by Bounce, Garmin and Gym Nation.
    d) All 16 Teams to be there for the full 2 hour session on the Finals Night.
    e) Teams placed into the Cup Knock-Out draw in predetermined positions relative to their round-robin rankings
    f) Each match will be 4 minutes in duration.
    g) Winning team is the Team that eliminates their Opponents first, by getting all opposing 8 Players out the Arena
    h) If a Team is not fully eliminated after 4 minutes, then the Team with the most Players in the Arena, advances to the next round of the Cup Knock-Out.
    i) If at the end of the 4 minutes, Teams have equal Players in the Arena, then a sudden death format is followed whereby the winner is the first Team to eliminate one opposing player. The Team wins and advances.
    e) The first-round losers then get entered into the Plat

  • Where can I park?

    There is parking at BOUNCE Al Quoz (front & back of building), street parking and underground parking at the adjacent Gym Nation building

  • What do I do when I arrive at Bounce?

    On arrival check in at Reception, where you will be booked in and issued with socks. Head on over to the Dodgeball Arena with your Team mates, where you will be met by our awesome BOUNCE Hosts.

  • Do I need to bring anything with me to the BDL

    Just your freestyle, vibe and good fun self

  • Is there a place to store my bag or backpack?

    There are lockers. There is the Café on the mezzanine floor with tables

  • Are spectators allowed and do they need to pay to enter / watch?

    Due to Municipality imposed restrictions, the Venue is operating on a reduced capacity. Spectators therefore are not allowed

  • Can I buy something to drink and eat at Bounce?

    Yes there are beverages, coffees and teas and snacks, salty & sweet
    Freedom Pizza can be ordered with an estimated delivery time of 30 minutes

  • How is BOUNCE handling Covid19 related concerns?

    a) Mandatory for every participant to be fully vaccinated (both doses)
    b) Proof of vaccination to be shown each week either on the the ALHOSN app or valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate.
    c) Participants to wear a mask before the start and once you finish the event (no need to wear a mask while participating).
    d) BOUNCE Tribe will wear masks throughout and sanitize regularly.
    e) Additional cleaning and sanitization procedures, cleaning will be continuous throughout the day.
    f) Self-social distancing measures to be observed.
    g) Availability of sanitizer stations throughout our BOUNCE venue.
    h) BOUNCE is socially distanced, with our 1 person per trampoline rule, this will continue in our café area where we will operate with 2m social distancing rules in place. With 1 person per trampoline, you are always 2m away from other people.
    i) If you feel unwell or are displaying flu-like symptoms at any time during the 5 weeks, please stay at home!

  • Why have I not received any correspondence regarding the BDL?

    All direct team communications will be done through the nominated Team Captains

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