Corona Sunset Open 2018

Friday, 23.03.2018 changeable until 30.03.2018

Start Timefrom 07:00 am*
CountryUAE UAE
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Weather Forecast for Dubai

Friday, 23. March

High: 31° Low: 22°
Ø:16 kph (W)
Max:24 kph (W)
Saturday, 24. March

High: 34° Low: 23°
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Sunday, 25. March

High: 35° Low: 23°
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Monday, 26. March

High: 33° Low: 22°
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Max:24 kph (W)

Where do we begin...
We’re suitably stoked to officially announce the start of the waiting period for the Corona Sunset Open 2018 at Nikki Beach Resort and Spa Dubai. From 23rd Feb to 31st March we will be waiting for the best Friday and Saturday of surf to hold the two day event, making the call 3 days in advance.
A lot has changed in Dubai since the last Sunset Open in 2015, including the (accidental) creation of Dubai's best surf spot through the development of Nikki Beach Resort and Spa.

Race Pack Collection:
At Nikki Beach hotel from 7am-12pm.

Parking is only allowed on the public side of north beach and entrance to the event will be through public area near the fence which divides Nikki Beach and the public area of North Beach.

We will announce the heat draws 24 hours prior to the start of the event. If you are in the first 4 heats please make sure you arrive early to avoid any delays.

Included:Goody Bag, T-Shirt and other great goodies from sponsors
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All participants will be issued a wrist band. if you are over the age of 21 and wish to enjoy an alcoholic beverage you will be required to show ID. No participants can drink alcohol whilst competing.

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