The Adventure HQ Night Rebel by Urban Ultra

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Overall Rating
Phil C. - 26.09.2018

“Great, first trail race. Nothing to fault - Really enjoyed first go and the only wish is more people find out about it as you don't need to be a proper trail runner to really enjoy it. Ice pops at the finish a nice touch!”

Anonymous - 23.09.2018

“It can be better - Its a 30km race the most important thing is to provide water there was a hot water like really hot there is electrolytes but it cant replace the water, even if there is unexpected things happend its a track they can bring cold water to the station by a car they go up and down give the participants cold water and back up stations with it, and the last thing medals should be little better, Best regards ”

Anonymous - 23.09.2018

“Could have a better event - The course undoubtedly amazing. However the way it was organized wasn't great. The medals given out were disappointing. In terms of refreshments, no music, water stations there is a lot improvement to be made. Could have been a much much better event. ”

Anonymous - 23.09.2018

“Great - will definitely run again next year! - Great event. I run it first time and enjoyed every minute. Perfects organization and course.”

Kathleen L. - 23.09.2018

“Awesome race as usual from the Urban Ultra tream - Well organized, course well marked, Urban Ultra team and volunteers very cheerful However 1 big negative point, it's the lack of cold water (at least not boiling water) at the aid station. Only available was Aqualyte. The issue is that it gave me stomach cramps on the last 10km and got sick after crossing the finish line. I am using my own energy/electrolyte drink to avoid those gastric issue but with the lack of water I was forced no to use my own fueling.”

Anonymous - 23.09.2018

“Good event - All water in water stations were either warm or hot , plz provide cold water so we dont get dehydrated and dizzy drinking warm water on distances above 15km ”

Corey S. - 22.09.2018

“Awesome from start to finish - My first run in UAE and I loved it! It was well organised and as someone who has never ran at night or in Wadi, everything was communicated very clearly and I knew exactly what to expect. Thank you for the experience and I look forward to doing it again.”

Andrew J. - 22.09.2018

“Good race, enjoyed it strangely! - Water stations should be at waist level to prevent cramp and muscle stress, doing a full squat at 25kms I’m not so good! ”

Anonymous - 22.09.2018

“Cool night run and setting - The organization was good and the station staff was very nice! There should be a few additional stations on the route and price should be somewhat cheaper.”

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