Urban-Ultra Coast to Coast Cycle Challenge

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Overall Rating
James I. - 09.12.2019

“Very well organised ride - Highly recommended for cyclists who wish to experience a long ride from one coast to another, in the UAE. This event is well organised and well supported all along the 200km course. Ride is safe and worth the experience for riders who train for the distance and the hills.”

Manfred H. - 17.11.2019

“Great trip, very nice experience - Very well organized. Volunteers very friendly and helpful. Police did a great job caring for riders safety.”

Slobodan M. - 17.11.2019

“Fantastic mental test! ( and physical, too) - Huge thanks to organizers. It was very brave to arrange such event, and to execute it, without incidents, and major injuries! Fantastic test of fitness, and more than anything else, test of one determination! Thank you a lot for this epic experience!”

Mark T. - 17.11.2019

“Well organised and challenging event - The positives: the police were FANTASTIC! Organisation was quite good with some room for improvement, really enjoyed completing the abridged ride to Kalba Room for improvement: the final email could have come out earlier as it has done in the past; the goodies bags could have been available at Wolfies MUCH earlier! the briefing at the start of the event was inaudible (even for the C pod); provide coordinates for the Kalba endpoint so pick-ups can happen (there are at least 7 ADNOCs in Kalba).”

Yannis G. - 17.11.2019

“Lack of mechanical support is not right - I had a bad chain stuck between the frame and the chain ring on 120km. It’s cruel to stop your race for something that takes 1 min with the right tools. What if that was on 20km? It’s an expensive entry and a mobile van doesn’t cost that much for the day. Lots of shops offer mobile mech support. Feeling very disappointed. I know it’s in the T n C but I am not talking about a flat tyre. If you brake a chain or something like what I had there is no one to help. I don’t believe it’s fair ”

Jozsef N. - 17.11.2019

“The most challangeing event of my life - Bit late start, excellent police work, good support with food, bbq at end was good idea”

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