Triathlon: Mamzar Race 2/2

11 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Colin R. - 18.03.2020

“Nice compact event - A nice compact event that spectators can see their athletes regularly on. Spoiled a bit by the constant presence of small stingers in the swim, more of a nip than a sting, but uncomfortable none the less. A good event that I enjoy very much.”

Lisa F. - 17.03.2020

“Great event as always - Love this race! Buoys could be deeper to avoid hitting the bottom but otherwise awesome. Cold water at the aid stations sufficient for everyone even those last finishers, well done for that! ?? Very much appreciated ”

Aldrin R. - 17.03.2020

“Excellent organization! - Many thanks to the organizers and sponsors for making it happen!”

Taff M. - 17.03.2020

“Great local and friendly event - This was my first time and I really enjoyed it. Sea was a little shallow in parts, but otherwise a very good event. See you next time ?”

Anonymous - 17.03.2020

“Good local event, relaxed atmosphere - Water too shallow in places, sea lice, no water stations on the bike, some timing issues. ”

David R. - 17.03.2020

“Great event but I have 3 stitches in my foot.... - It’s a great event and superbly well organized and the course is fantastic. Like several others I also have 3 stitches on my big toe having cut it on the coral or a rock. I completely recognize that I take part at my own risk however the exit area for the swim should have been scanned (and I should have scanned it as well) and moved if everyone needed to exit over a reef. I would not have minded running 10 or 20m extra not to have stitches in my foot!!”

Gabi K. - 17.03.2020

“Nice event in a pleasant environment - The water is full of jellyfish which makes the swim extremely uncomfortable and the body and face very itchy. Event must be organized outside the jelly fish season. The swimming track is confusing which makes the swim inefficient. Cycling path could be tweaked to eliminate the U-turn which could cause unnecessary accidents and where cyclists have to drop speed. ”

Anonymous - 17.03.2020

“Please clean the beach and sea... - Been badly cut under my feet! had to stitch it after the race du to coral in the water in front of the exit area after the swim.... you should have double check before! Rest was cool as usual”

Andre A. - 16.03.2020

“Very nice but... - Been to mamzar tri many times now. This was the first time that I came back and had to have glass shards and corals removed from my feet. As well the swim return part was so close to the beach that at some point my hands were touching and being cut on the coral. You can't remove the coral, but you can move the course a little farther away and advise participants to be carefull entering and exiting the water. ”

Russell W. - 15.03.2020

“Great event - Only one minor point. Please keep cars off the cycle course as some were trying to get On near the far turn. Not the organizers fault as otherwise an amazing event”

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