QRS Run For Heroes

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 01.08.2020

“It is great fun as a family during these crazy times. ”

Stephen Y. - 26.07.2020

“Establish an accurate device or network to use for tracking a virtual running record time. ”

Nigel C. - 25.07.2020

“Easy to enter the event”

Michelle W. - 25.07.2020

“Doing Virtual challenge is awesome I do not have a choice to get lazy have those steps in. Thank you ”

Anonymous - 25.07.2020

“It is motivating the entire family to be a little more active than usual.”

Safiyyah A. - 25.07.2020

“Excellent organisation, full and clear explanations, reminders to submit times, results published in a timely manner and prompt replies to queries. Thank you”

Stephen B. - 25.07.2020

“QRS has been easy to submit evidence of runs completed. It is the temperature that has made it challenging. ”

Anonymous - 25.07.2020

“Great initiative to spend the time in this hard period. ”

Robin N. - 25.07.2020

“It is accessible to all. I am struggling with knee injury and being able to do 3K as the min instead of 5K means that I am still motivated to get out and move. Also, the communication is excellent. It is very well organised. ”

Anonymous - 25.07.2020

“A salute to all frontline heroes ”

Yousef N. - 25.07.2020

“Yes, no enough explanation to what to do and who, and when I try to email you, no one answer me. I will never join to your event online again.”

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