Katara Aquathlon

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Marco C. - 13.02.2020

“Great event, well organised and in a great venue - Great event, we love it! Well done to everyone. Hopefully next year you can get more sponsors!”

Andreas G. - 13.02.2020

“Friendly, fun and free event! - As every year one of the highlights of Qatar National Sports Day. Excellent location with an even better swim this year, hilly running track for Qatar standards, enthusiastic volunteers, great event”

Anonymous - 12.02.2020

“Great event! - Really fun event, and free! Thanks to all volunteers and organizers! Early start time was good. Swim was great. But the run was 6.5K, not 5K. Also, on the hills section, the map had indicated water would be at the turnaround, so when I grabbed a water, I turned around. But it turns out the route still went left and up another hill. This was confusing and frustrating. The turns and turn arounds should be marshaled better next time to avoid this problem. Thanks to volunteers for cheering us on!”

Ivo K. - 12.02.2020

“Organized well, free, results published. - Swimming proper triangle route what avoids clashing of two directions. Liked increased length although swimming is my slower part. Organizers have put every effort to eliminate any glitch on the go. All participants given full attention. Prefer support kayaks over jet-ski due to fumes while pulse goes to 180 - maybe some day will electrical one will be there. ”

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