iTRINYUAD Summer 2017 - Event 1 of 2

5 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 11.07.2017

“Indoor Endurance - The best idea during hot Gulf-Summers...”

Anonymous - 08.07.2017

“The format will have a great future - Very well organized event. I love the format as it breaks down the entry barrier to the tri sport!”

Yuichi U. - 08.07.2017

“It was a very pleasant meeting - Thank you very much staff of iTRINYUAD. and, thank you very much, volunteers.Jessica thank you that supported me. The warm encouragement of everybody during the competition worked hard very much. Myself was great and was able to enjoy it. If an opportunity is correct, I participate in a meeting.”

Claudio C. - 07.07.2017

“Really nice experience - Really well organized,small race but funny, absolutely value for money.”

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