FBMA Ladies Ride September

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Overall Rating
Aziza Sarhan A. - 21.09.2022

“I couldn’t attend for some severe reason, & there was no option to refund or keep registration fees for another event!”

Shama A. - 21.09.2022

“I had so much fun with you guys, the security girls, trainers and organizers were very nice especially the volunteer girls. wallah i swear I am really happy to be with you last night.”

Mae C. - 21.09.2022

“My daughter is 13 and attended. Her mother was refused entry 3 times to accompany her. Please advise the security they need to let parents in with their children. Confusion with timings. Gun time 36 minutes and chip time 30 minutes.... An improvement from the last run event. Also disappointing for ADCC ladies, DQd for not crossing the start line in time. They had cyclists in front of them, what do you want them to do..”

Maryam A. - 21.09.2022

“I would like to comment on the registration part before the race, the organizers should inform participants about it once we enter and not before the race starts or maybe an hour before the event because that what got us late. We might not have connection or maybe I would leave my mobile in the looker. So please make sure to clear for next time. Thanks ”

Hessa H. - 21.09.2022

“They didnt announce that all the participants will get a medal so unfortunately i didnt get mine. overall, the race was good and fun ”

Hannah R. - 21.09.2022

“Awards was a mess, no bronze / silver / gold medals and bad organisation in general. Should always have some form of notifying riders of last lap also. ”

Fatima Raad A. - 21.09.2022

“Could have been organized better. Was confusing where they told us to go in track after doing several laps they told us stopped and that we will start all together. ”

Anonymous - 21.09.2022

“Bad organizers, rude and do not help ”

Asma B. - 21.09.2022

“Many of the 15km participants were beginners. And most of the 30 km participants were professional/ amateur riders. It was dangerous for both categories to be on the track at the same time, as the beginners were doing slow an planned moves. I suggest different time for each category ”

Hind A. - 21.09.2022

“Not organized well we expect like other ecwnt”

Jawaher A. - 21.09.2022

“Thank you for everything ♥️”

Jo Anne M. - 21.09.2022

“What a joke of an event! How long did people have to queue to get a code that Train Yas insisted on having on your phone? Since when are racers obliged to carry phones with them on the track? I want a total refund and take my name off this event. That is THE LAST TIME I WILL WASTE MY TIME WITH ANY FBM EVENT.”

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