Al Nazwa Cycling Challenge

4 people have rated this event.
Overall Rating
Anonymous - 08.02.2020

“Very poorly organised with no clear rules - Very badly organised, no rules, mixed females with males , no directions And no marshals to direct the cyclists at the roundabouts, categories were changed last minute and removed for UAE amature females, no safety and support card behind solo females , no water station , no marshals directing near roundabouts when cars are passing !! Cycling rules not implemented . Money was wasted in a category which was removed ”

Anonymous - 02.02.2020

“Huge room for improvement - Start was supposed to be at 7:00 but at 6:30 they were still setting up. Race started at 7:30 which as it turned out was the right time. No following vehicles at all so if you had a mechanical, you had a long walk. Organisers should look at Gulf Multi Sport events. They’re much better organised ”

Anonymous - 31.01.2020

“Nice view but organization could be better - View of environment was nice, but no signals on the road, cars driving on the race course, and organization left before last participants came in”

Anonymous - 31.01.2020

“It could be better - Start time was too early, value of money much more than the service offered there from federation ”

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