Aventura Obstacle Race

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Overall Rating
Anonymous - 26.01.2020

“great organisation but only a few setbacks - The timing was a big issue, it took a lot of time to get the results. award ceremony was delayed so much that most participants had already left by the time of the awards, the elite category needs to be a little more strict especially with the start times and the way the obstacles are handled, if you miss your start time better to be considered as a fun runner, avoid pleasing everyone and stand by the rules. All the elite athletes need to start at the same time.”

Usama M. - 24.01.2020

“Good event, but short course - Good, fun event, but the course is short. Room for improvement would be to extend the course, or lower the price. The event details were mislabelled on the Premiere Online website (there was no event pack or t shirt). Biggest issue was the timekeeping, and then the managing of the delay. Both could have been improved. But it was fun though. ”

Jess M. - 22.01.2020

“Not very organized - We arrived at 8am and organizers have just started setting up. Warm up station did not work out very well. Registration tent is too crowded.”

Anonymous - 22.01.2020

“Poor organization - Very poor organization, they care about money only, regarding photographer he skipped us totally, for sure no value to deal with them at all events ”

Nadia A. - 22.01.2020

“Needs more organized - 1 .The medal was cheap 2.The timing was not right and the chips distribution was randomly we were thinking how do u know which team belongs to which chips. 3. We start too late ( 1 hour ) they let us waiting long time 4.teams race should have 2 categories Male and femal I mean separate them in ranking same the individual race”

Anonymous - 22.01.2020

“الميدالية - مشاركة رائعة لكن الميدالية لاتناسب الحدث اعتقد انها رخيصه من السوق الصيني بخمس دراهم ”

Anonymous - 22.01.2020

“Organization - .Bad organization .No parking Bad timing, we started at 12 which was too hot and the sun is above us. Small registration tent Bad bathrooms Not accurate results ”

Anonymous - 21.01.2020

“Poor organizing - The course was fantastic. Challenging obstacles, but the organizing was poor. Start time should have been communicated in advance. Not enough people to support at the registration desk.”

Mohamed A. - 19.01.2020

“The organization was very, very bad - The namesheet must be sent a day before the event to let the participants know the timing”

Anonymous - 19.01.2020

“Delay and long time spent to get race pack. - Need to respect the planned schedule for all. ”

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