Arabian Epic Series XCM3: The Final

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Mohammad Adam K. - 26.01.2020

“Could be a better experience with few improvements - I was charged 58dhs by premier online for refund processing fee bcuz they cancelled my payment and registration as they thought i was not eligible for my category. After I showed ID proof etc, i was still not compensated for my money. Very poor customer service. Anyways, i re-registered and payed the full fee again, race was good, the route could be marked better, many ppl went off route several times. I got to be on podium so im happy abt tht. Award ceremony was delayed, otherwise great race?”

Comment from Premier Online - 26.01.2020
“As explained in our communications with you, your registration was cancelled when it was found you had created 2 separate accounts with 2 different date of births. Correcting your age subsequently after you sent proof through as requested did confirm that you had previously entered categories and events you were not eligible for. Actions taken were in accordance with Terms of Service. Use of the platform is contingent on you providing only correct information when registering for events. It is important to maintain the integrity of the rules in sport; this extends to registering for sports events where incorrect data can invalidate insurance policies held by organizers.”

Daniel H. - 26.01.2020

“Poor event execution - Very poor course markings, and ineffective marshall led to overall poor experience ”

Anonymous - 25.01.2020

“enough man power to avoid confusion of route - There should be have enough man power all throughout the track because most of us were lost during the race, specifically those spots that has split ways. It could have been satisfying because the location of the race is amazing yet lack of support to guide the racers.”

Marc Anthony G. - 24.01.2020

“Good Effort - Good effiort to the event organizers, we know you did the best you could. Happy friendly crowd. Good vibes. Lovely giveaways from GalleryOne. For the next event: Please add more marshalls more specifically at turning points. It's now 2020... send the race route via email or post at a social media site prior to the race so we have an idea where to go. Please do not give away old medals, we got the 2018/2019.”

Richard A. - 24.01.2020

“I am epic - I enjoyed my race today. I'm so satisfied with my performance. The trail is nice but lack of signage for the direction or the right positioning of marshalls to guide us the right way. But the overall, I would like to appreciate to all the organizer of this event. Thank you! It was a nice experience and I will join the next event again soon ??”

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