Al Marmoom Dune Run

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Suwaidan A. - 22.11.2020

“1- i was not getting the update email about the race even it was not in junk until i called your administration before the race one night then they fix its. 2- it should be better to contact us on whatsap after registration for any update. 3- i was not aware about the training which has been conducted before the race two days. 4- some tips should be there how to achieve the target for example ( training 4 days on 5 KM a week resting before the race ....ect ) 5- similar location to train ”

Fahed A. - 21.11.2020

“Everything its perfect. But you need do something with photos. You taken a photos at race but we don't see them on your website. Been in many race of you but nothing. So Don't waste a time bring a camera people for shot Other they post the photos ”

Nayef A. - 21.11.2020

“Its long to be 5 Km If its set as categories from 2.5, 5, 10 it will be better”

Anonymous - 21.11.2020

“Location amazing, marks in the race clear. Maybe provide a 10km option next time?”

Robin K. - 21.11.2020

“It was Amazing We enjoyed a lot”

Shaikha A. - 21.11.2020

“An amazing experience. first time to participate in such challenge but Loveeeed it. ”

Anonymous - 21.11.2020

“I wish if make same this run more time in season three or four race ??? appreciated.”

Anonymous - 21.11.2020

“Excellent race, congrats!! The only black spot was that some people are still leaving trash; it is sad. I saw a lot of garbage cans. We need more culture in our sports communities ”

Benjamin E. - 21.11.2020

“Safe distance while running could not be provided. Would not have attended knowing that upfront.”

Saeed A. - 21.11.2020

“Its was amassing day very nice place and the organizer was vgood. ”

Abdulhakim R. - 21.11.2020

“The award should be given as categories as ”

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